World Safety Day: NIEEE advises Nigerians on security and wholesome dwelling

The human body should be designed in such a way that it is in a state of well-being and that the body always strives to stay healthy, but that some factors are always the cause of diseases in the human body.

This was the view of Tony Akinyemi, who was the guest speaker at the Safety and Health Lecture Commemorating World Safety and Health at Work Day 2021, recently organized virtually by the Nigerian Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (NIEEE).

Akinyemi, speaking on the subject of Understanding the Causes of Disease, explained that the main causes of disease in the body can be called DATIISS

He explained that Deficiency, Abuse, Toxicity / Toxemia, Injury, Infection, Sedentiveness, and Stress (DATIISS) are the main causes of illness in the human body.

Akinyemi, a nutritionist and natural health advocate, said to prevent disease, avoid deficiencies, eat a balanced diet, and avoid abusing your body. He said one should take care, detoxify regularly and minimize exposure to toxins, and be safety conscious to prevent injury, minimize exposure to infectious agents and parasites, dewormer regularly, and avoid sedentary life.

Above all, he advised Nigerians to exercise moderately regularly, to deal with stress appropriately, and to take regular vacations.

In his own contribution to the lecture, Vitalis Onyia, Chair of the Trans-Amadi Chapter of NIEEE, stated that safe working conditions are a fundamental human right and an integral part of decent work.

Onyia, who spoke on “Electrical Hazard and Safety Awareness,” said the International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that more than 2.3 million workers worldwide die from work-related accidents and illnesses and that four percent of the world’s population goes to GDP lost due to accidents and poor working conditions.

According to him, electrical hazards are a notable part of these incidents, and according to the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work, electric shock remains the fourth leading cause of death in the industry.

Onyia stated that the extreme danger of handling electricity is that there is limited scope for minimizing the effect after contact. He added that the effect is instantaneous and that all that is required is a manipulation, a slight wrong movement, or a careless disregard of what appears to be a minor safety measure.

In his welcoming speech, NIEEE National Chairman Kings Adeyemi said that since 2003 April 28th of each year has been designated as “World Day for Safety and Health at Work”. This is the initiative of the ILO and the United Nations. “Safety First” is the slogan of the electrical engineers, because they were the first to think in this order and to shape their lives.

Adeyemi said many workers face many occupational hazards in the performance of their jobs and that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand the scope of the hazards beyond the workplace. He said the NIEEE was delighted to be celebrating this important day with the world as he welcomed everyone to the talk.


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