Woodson YMCA Launches Digital Wholesome Dwelling Platform

WAUSAU – The Woodson YMCA has launched its YMCA360 virtual healthy living platform, which provides members with a seamless, 360-degree Y-experience on mobile, TV and the web.

More than 700 on-demand exercise course videos and programs are available to Woodson YMCA members. Livestream courses are also available several times a week from YMCAs across the country.

This digital experience, included with Woodson YMCA membership, is available anywhere with an internet connection. Members simply log in with their YMCA account email.

The concept of member access to on-demand video programs and courses was born in the Greater Wichita YMCA and its momentum is growing nationwide. This virtual membership benefit began in July for Woodson YMCA members.

In addition to group exercise courses, YMCA360 shows:

  • Virtual gymnastics, basketball and soccer training
  • Nutrition and cooking classes
  • Personal training
  • Art lessons

“We’re connecting our people, locations and programs in new ways and giving our members the freedom to personalize their health and fitness journey in our state-of-the-art facility and in their own living rooms,” said Bryan Bailey, CEO of Woodson YMCA, in one Press release. “The quality and production behind YMCA360 is unparalleled and we are very excited to be working with this partnership and giving our members an added benefit from their membership.”

Individuals and families interested in learning more about membership options and the YMCA360 can visit one of the Woodson YMCA branches or visit woodsonymca.com/ymca-360.

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