Wholesome Residing: The Triangle of Optimum Well being

I was asked to give an online lecture with a corporate company last week on wellness and chronic disease prevention. I chose to talk about the optimal health triangle because no matter what illness someone is struggling with, it has to be approached from all sides: body, mind and spirit.

There is overwhelming evidence that degenerative diseases are the result of the combination of genetic makeup and the environment, with an emphasis on the latter. In cancer, for example, stress, environmental toxins and nutrient deficiencies undermine the immune system and leave mutated cells unchecked, which leads to uncontrolled growth in a genetically predisposed individual.

It is important to reduce the stress on your body to support medical treatments – that address all elements of our life for the best results. You cannot support just one element of this triangle and expect it to heal. You can have the best diet, but when you are stressed, constantly feeling and speaking negatively, or when you are trying to fill the void of spirituality with drugs, alcohol, or comfort food – it keeps you caught in this vicious cycle of inflammation and oxidative stress.

Diet is the cornerstone of healing – we are what we eat, after all. But how you eat and how you absorb your nutrients is just as important as what you eat. Mindfulness and prayer at mealtimes, focusing on the food and enjoyment, gratitude for the blessings, and proper chewing can greatly increase the amount of nutrients absorbed and reduce putrefaction in the intestines. Beneficial bacteria not only aid digestion, but send messages to our immune system and constantly adapt it to the internal environment, so they should be replenished daily with fermented foods and / or dietary supplements.

The timing of your meals is also crucial. Fasting regularly – whether twice a week or overnight, can restart your immune system and aid healing. The best examples of this are obesity, diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome. Simply by limiting the time we feed and allowing the body to regenerate at night, insulin resistance and fat storage can be reversed!

Artificial chemicals also carry messages to our DNA, unfortunately only harmful ones. Combine that with a sluggish liver detox – like genetic Gilbert syndrome – and you have a higher incidence of mental disorders and hormonal cancers. Remove chemicals from your body and your home. Use organic food whenever possible, avoiding plastic containers and cellophane.

Use natural cosmetics and detergents. “Man doesn’t just live on bread.” A peaceful and determined mind is the difference between losing or winning the battle.

Stress and worry weaken the immune system, promote inflammation, and thus prevent your healing. Deep breathing exercises, mindfulness, and emotional freedom techniques can help overcome stress. Make yourself think and only speak positively! Connecting with a greater force can give you strength. Prayer and meditation can heal a broken soul and get you through the toughest hours – scientifically proven to alter gene expression to produce positive physiological changes.

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