Wholesome residing is on the high of the menu on the Coronary heart of England Mencap

HEALTHY living is high on the menu at Heart of England Mencap thanks to funding for a new project.

The charity, which supports people with learning difficulties locally, has raised more than £ 3,000 in funding to be part of A Healthier Me – a project led by Mencap nationwide.

It’s about promoting healthier lifestyles and developing different ways to get this message across to people with learning disabilities.

Heart of England Mencap is using its £ 3,015 funding to:

· Educate the charity’s Health & Wellbeing Champions – appointed from the charity’s nursing team – to complete nutrition courses.

· Further development of an orchard and vegetable garden in one of his residential areas, Eastwell House in Stratford. Here, the people supported by Heart of England Mencap are taught how to grow and care for their own healthy foods – and how to use their products in the kitchen.

· Create a healthy recipe book developed by local people with learning difficulties using their own food ideas. The books are then edited and illustrated by the health and wellness champions for publication and sale.

In addition, ‘A Healthier Me’ packages are distributed within the charity to those they support.

Program Coordinator Kate Buttrick said, “There will be a lot of useful information in the package, including foods to help us be healthy, how much we should eat and how we can continue to make healthy choices.

“There are lots of activities to try out – from planning weekly meals to keeping a food diary – and lots of delicious, healthy meals to cook at home.

“The project is getting stronger and stronger and many of our customers and employees are learning a sustainable, nutritious and tasty way to enjoy life.”

Heart of England Mencap supports approximately 200 people with learning disabilities in South Warwickshire and North Worcestershire with services in Stratford, Warwick, Studley, Shipston, Leamington, Southam, Evesham and Malvern.

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