Wholesome Residing: Flip Your Pandemic Muddle into Cash

The COVID-19 quarantine resulted in an increase in online sales for various types of items.

Research shows that consumers spent 44 percent more on online retail sites in 2020 than in 2019.

But there’s good news if you’ve gone overboard with your shopping. Look around.

Did you buy more things than you needed during the quarantine?

Experts estimate that COVID-19-related online shopping resulted in additional ecommerce revenue of $ 174.87 billion in 2020. But if you’ve bought too much, it’s easy to sell.

Amazon charges 99 cents for every item sold, on top of a referral fee that is between eight and 20% of the item price. At e-Bay you can auction your items or calculate a flat rate. You pay e-Bay 10% of the item price including shipping, but excluding taxes. Bonanza will charge you three point five percent of the product price plus the shipping price over ten dollars. And the Facebook marketplace is a free platform aimed at local buyers and sellers.

If you are unfamiliar with the company, check the Better Business Bureau accreditation before adding it to the list.

Make sure the item you are selling is the focus of your photos. Write out everything in the description, including the brand and any imperfections. And advertise it a little lower if you want to sell it quickly.

If you want to save time and effort, you can also take your things to a local consignment store. You may make less, but the store does the sales for you. Experts estimate that you will likely pocket about half the actual selling price.

And remember that when selling items online, most experts caution against inviting shoppers to your home. Meet in a public place where there are many people.

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