Wholesome Residing: Environmental Racism: Youth versus Apocalypse

Black households are 75% more likely to live near toxic oil and fuel facilities, according to the NAACP. In addition to the deterioration in local weather, pollution is also linked to most of them Cancer, bronchial asthma and birth defects.

Isha Clarke mentioned that this is not a coincidence but another signal of environmental racism. For this reason, the 17-year-old started the non-profit organization Youth Versus Apocalypse and decides to change this course.

This may seem like light-hearted dialogue among teenagers, but Isha Clarke and Aniya Butler have bigger problems with their thoughts. “What I fight for is a world where all people can truly thrive,” said Isha Clarke, founder of Youth Versus Apocalypse.

Youth Versus Apocalypse is a youth-run, non-profit organization that aims to reverse not only local weather changes, but the environmental injustices that have caused them. Clarke said, “Environmental injustice and environmental racism especially when targeting color communities with pollution. It looks like refineries in color communities. “

Another example of environmental injustice is in Detroit, where minority children have higher rates of asthma. These numbers are believed to be related to their polluted neighborhoods, which were built next to busy highways.

“Our future is now becoming an opportunity as we continue to know nothing about climate change,” said Aniya Butler, a Youth Versus Apocalypse participant.

That’s why Youth Versus Apocalypse is mobilizing younger people to make a difference.

“Sometimes it looks like mass protests or social media campaigns, public board meetings and public comments. We went on a climate strike with over 30,000 people, ”said Clarke.

Last year they released an EP of their work.

Butler added, “You don’t have to speak in front of millions of people to be an activist, you just have to fight for our future.”

You can find more information on Youth Against Apocalypse here.

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