Wholesome meals methods can enhance well being and resilience

Michael Dimock | Roots of change

Access to a healthy food system affects every aspect of our lives.

Your education suffers when a hungry stomach interferes with a student’s ability to focus, learn, and retain information. In adults, lack of access to nutritious foods can lead to poor overall health and chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, which affect the ability to work and care for the family. ..

This year we saw COVID-19 prey on Californians with chronic diseases, especially people of color who often live in “food deserts” where healthy food is not available.

Roots of Change and others are working to correct such food injustices, but the harsh reality that COVID-19 has revealed needs more help and is needed now. It shows that it is so. Health inequalities and the Racial Justice Fund and Governor Newsom can make a difference.

The Senate and Parliamentary Budgets Committee have recommended an unprecedented $ 100 million annual investment to support community-based organizations, clinics, and tribal organizations to address the root causes of health inequalities. Our vision is for these funded organizations to use state and local data to identify and meet the community’s most pressing needs.

The proposal is based on Bill AB 1038 by Congressman Gipson and Carilos and calls for the establishment of the California Health Disparity Fund, which was passed by Congress with strong bipartisan support. The governor must now agree to support the bill and the budget.

Current programs in support of the fund include the California Nutrition Incentive Program (CNIP), which offers the CalFresh family dollars to “make things fresh” and low-income bodegas stores. Includes the Healthy Corner Stores Refrigeration Grant Program, which provides corner stores. A community that has refrigeration equipment and technical support so they can sell fresh produce.

The fund can also be used to support another proposal pending under state law, the Drug Prescription Pilot Program. Under this program, Medi-Cal beneficiaries receive a “recipe” for healthy foods when their health care provider determines that healthier diets can improve their health. Recipes include products, healthy food vouchers, food packaging, groceries, or side dishes. .

Another use of the California Health Disparity Fund is to support pilot school lunch programs. This is a proposal to create a “food center” across the state to identify, sell, and distribute locally made healthy foods and to California school districts. Help local farmers and rural communities provide better nutrition for students Those who have been hard hit by COVID-19 ..

Having access to healthy food every day can prevent disease and better protect our community from viruses like COVID-19. Through the California Health Disparity Fund, we are ready to address this current health crisis, avoid billions in future healthcare costs, and face the challenges posed by pandemics, climate change, and natural disasters. You can strengthen your community.

California is the greatest source of healthy food the planet has ever seen. There is no excuse for so many churches. Especially when the excess can be used to improve public health. AB 1038 invests in the most pandemic-hit communities, helping them recover from the physical and economic losses caused by the virus, building healthier communities and placing Californians in a future crisis. Allows you to be more resilient to arrival. We urge Governor Newsom to support proposed funding for the Fund for Health Inequality and Racial Justice and to adopt and sign AB1038.

Roots of Change is a co-sponsor of AB 1038. Nonprofits work with universities, governments, corporations and like-minded organizations to ensure that every aspect of the food supply chain (from growth to edible) takes place. It is healthy and accessible to all eaters, safe and fair for workers, and beneficial for businesses.

Healthy food systems can improve health and resilience Source link Healthy food systems can improve health and resilience

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