Wholesome meals complement for efficient weight reduction

Many people work extremely hard to lose weight. In doing so, however, they often forget that eliminating entire food groups can hinder progress instead of promoting it. This is because, instead of completely eliminating food groups, extreme measures are resorted to diet, or depriving yourself of your favorite foods, the key is to make some simple diet tweaks and replace high-calorie foods with low-calorie, healthy alternatives.

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra shared a post on Instagram to shed some light on such food exchanges.

Instead of reworking your entire diet to shed unwanted pounds, she believes you should opt for “healthier, lower in calories Eat food or a smarter serving size ”.

Diet Soda vs. Aam Panna

Artificially sweetened drinks can disrupt the mechanisms of weight regulation, upset the balance of intestinal bacteria and alter blood sugar regulation while having a cool glass Aam panna helps with electrolyte deficiency and keeps heat stroke at bay.

Pastry vs Lauki Nutty Kheer

Pastries are high in refined flour, sugar, and trans fat. Bottle gourd, on the other hand, rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble, and when combined with milk provides proteins, making it low glycemic index Food for diabetics.

You should try these little changes on your next meal or drink. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

Ready-made sauces vs homemade chutneys

Sauces are a hidden source of salt or sugar and sometimes unhealthy fats. Homemade chutneys are rich in micronutrients that are good for intestinal health, support digestion and thus speed up the metabolism.

Instant oats versus steel cut oats

Instant oatmeal contain added sugar or salt and some chemicals. Steel cut oat flakes are full of soluble fiber that will keep you full longer. How to help in Weight loss.

Ready-made butter vs homemade butter

Market made butter contains trans fats and is high in sodium while homemade butter contains healthy fats that help mobilize stubborn body fat. “Still, it should be consumed in moderate amounts,” said Batra.

“Try these little changes when you have your next meal or drink. Once you get started, think about your own healthier swaps too, ”she added.

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