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I like to drink sake (an alcoholic drink made from rice) because it helps me sleep better than sleeping pills, much more naturally. Some of my guilty pleasure cocktails made with sake are: Cucumber Packetini, Ginger Packetini, Lychee Packetini, and Watermelon Packetini – Yum!

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For my skin care against age spots, sun spots and dull skin – I always have to have my “rice broth” with me wherever I go! According to Medical news todayWomen in Asia have used rice water as a hair treatment to make their hair softer, smoother, longer, and stronger. In addition, rice water also has benefits for the skin. It had helped heal damaged skin in people with dermatitis.

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This precious rice broth, an ancient skin care secret called Pitera ™, is a very special ingredient for the needs of my skin. I’m obsessed with beauty and healthy skin, so I really appreciate Pitera, which Japanese scientists accidentally discovered in the 1970s when they noticed the soft, delicate hands of sake brewers that stood out sharply against their wrinkled faces. This is an amazing gift from nature that has changed the skin for generations. Recently this spring, SK-II launched a new one Facial Essence. It’s what I use for clear, light, moist, naturally beautiful, and younger looking skin.

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This essence contains over 90% Pitera to remove dark spots, reduce wrinkles, make skin more radiant and glowing – and it’s even gentle enough for babies’ skin. Now some professional makeup artists and celebrities are also using it. Even men like James Corden use it too. Mai Quynh used it on Chloe Moretz attending the Met Gala red carpet. I love the iconic, fairly limited 2019 bottle of this Facial Treatment Essence, which has a heavy overflow of vibrant and colorful graffiti patterns and splashes of confetti petals.

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For my summer and weekend getaways, business or leisure trips, I try my best to pack light with all of my beauty must-haves to help me do my best without taking up too much space in my travel bags or luggage to have. Here are some of my to-go articles to help me do my best and feel the safest possible without too much fuss.

Good science beauty is wonderful for the whole family. I discovered Good Science Beauty last summer at the Indie Beauty Expo, which brings together editors, influencers and top indie brands. The special thing about Good Science Beauty, which was developed by Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, PhD, is that my whole family and I love science – and we can all finally agree on a skin care brand. Dr. Saffie-Siebert spent about 10 years developing a unique technology to make skin care products more effective – it’s called Good Silicon + ™. All products are made from a unique combination of proven key ingredients that enhance each other’s performance to solve a specific skin problem. The patented Good Silicon + ™ technology combines these ingredients in silicon, lipids and amino acids, preserves them in their active form and protects them when they are transported deep into the skin. This helps stimulate natural collagen to promote long-term skin health. For anyone who loves science and feels that it is the answer to almost all problems, Good Science Beauty is a must have.

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The iT Cosmetics Confidence collection is my favorite anti aging skin care collection from Jamie Kern Lima. It works wonders for me and, thanks to its skin-friendly ingredients, helps me achieve beautiful and healthy results for my sensitive, aging skin. My summer beauty must-have is trust in a foundation because it is incredibly light, offers long wear times and full coverage for 24 hours. This means I can be safe all day and all night – even when I’m sweating. If I want a natural, non-makeup, one-tone, look, trusting an off-white, rose-tone moisturizer is my preference. It is quickly absorbed and enriched with rosy pigments to revitalize my skin. This is a great moisturizer for my aging skin as it rejuvenates as it gently exfoliates and stimulates the renewal of surface cells to keep my skin looking healthier and younger.

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Vichy Laboratories’ LiftActiv Peptide-C Antiaging Moisturizer (a dermatologically proven skin care brand known for their clean, safe, and effective products) helps eliminate several signs of aging, such as: B. dull skin, loss of contour definition and loss of firmness. What I love about the LiftActiv Peptide-C anti-aging moisturizer is that it is 100% paraben-free, allergy-tested, ideal for sensitive skin and, for safety reasons, tested under dermatological control. It contains an allergy-approved fragrance with slight floral scents that I am obsessed with. According to the internationally recognized dermatologist and neuroscientist Dr. Gilbert, MD PhD FAAD, “Peptides are one of the antiaging agents I recommend most to my patients for combating collagen loss. Vichys Peptide-C combines phyto-peptides with vitamin C as well as the company’s own Vichy mineralization water, which strengthens the skin’s barrier and protects it from everyday attackers. These three ingredients together help create a triple threat against signs of aging for strong, healthy skin. “If you are looking for a high quality derm-quality antiaging moisturizer from a brand known for their pure yet effective formulas for maintaining skin health then this is a must have.

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Nutrafol is the secret to beautiful and healthy hair from the inside out. What I love about this product is that it offers a 100% drug-free product that has been clinically shown to improve hair growth performance for both men and women. Instead of using medication to treat hair loss, it’s a good idea to try a natural, holistic approach like Nutrafol. It was developed by researchers and scientists, approved by over 1,300 doctors, and loved by the world’s best stylists. It helps optimize the balance between safety and performance, focusing on each person’s unique needs.

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Olfactory NYC will bottle your fragrances in their store after choosing your favorite fragrances, so you can get the highest quality ingredients that have been certified as safe by IFRA. For those who only want the best natural and sustainable ingredients for their fragrances, Olfactory is a must. It’s known for custom fragrances for those who want a personalized experience without fancy labels and aggressive salespeople spraying colognes and perfumes in department stores. It uses the highest quality ingredients and keeps the packaging cute and simple to deliver high quality fragrances at reasonable prices. What’s special about the brand is that once you customize your fragrance, you can label your fragrance with a loved one’s name to make it more sentimental.

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TIZO Sheer Botanicals SPF 45 sunscreen is one of my favorite sunscreens as it is a mineral sunscreen for the face and body. It is pure, silky, free of chemical sun protection filters and is reef and environmentally friendly. I like that it is healthy and very good for my skin as it only contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – ingredients that form an invisible barrier on the skin and safely reflect harmful UV rays. The photostable skin protection does not deteriorate in sunlight and is easily spread over a soft, practically invisible finish that is waterproof for up to 80 minutes. This is a plus as summer is near. TIZO products are free from dyes, fragrances, preservatives, phthalates and parabens, which I know to keep my skin happy and healthy.

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The Winky Lux Matcha collection consists of: lip balm, lip scrub and face mask. I like to drink green tea because it’s loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. I also look for green tea or matcha (high quality green tea with a stronger source of nutrients than soaked green tea) in my skin care routine because I believe in the saying, “You are what you eat.” Applying green tea to the skin promotes DNA repair, prevents skin cancer, and reduces irritation, redness and swelling. For those who have not yet tried Winky Lux’s Matcha beauty products, healthy and tasty indulgence is the order of the day! The Matcha Lip Balm contains vegan green tea extract and coconut oil to moisturize and protect the lips throughout the day. The delicious sugared matcha lip scrub consists of both sugar and green tea extract to exfoliate and moisturize sun-kissed lips. My guilty pleasure is the Melting Matcha Fask Mask because it works wonders to lighten and soothe my dull, tired skin.

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