Wholesome life: Sharpen your focus, steadiness and core power with Slackline at GymFit

BATON ROUGE, LA (BRPROUD) – Balance, focus, and core control are all skills you can acquire through slackline. It’s a new activity that is now available at GymFit. Carly Laing gives us a closer look at Heathy Living this week.

What started out as a fun pastime for climbers is now a challenging mainstream exercise.

Slackline is exactly what it looks like balanced when walking over a slackline.

“Before they do anything, I put them through a general type of yoga warm-up and get them used to breathing. We do everything on the ground first and then finally we start moving to other balancing exercises. So go over yoga blocks, over bosu balls, and just over different types of balance. “

GymFit founder and owner Joshua Roberts said it was great for building mental strength.

“The biggest thing about slackline and balancing is the focus. If your focus is not there, you will fall away. If you feel like you are moving and not looking at this point all the time, you will fall. So the hardest part is teaching people to trust themselves, ”said Roberts.

Roberts said if you try it be up for a challenge.

“It’s one of those things that is very frustrating. If you don’t have patience, you won’t get it on the first or second day, ”said Roberts.

If you can get over the frustration, Roberts said it was a great way to calm the mind.

“One of the greatest things is meditative breathing. Sometimes you don’t even notice it. With just that fact, there is one thing you can focus on. Everything is hidden. Being outside on a nice day with the sun shining on your skin is great for general morale, ”said Roberts.

If you’re feeling adventurous, Gymfit is the perfect place for you.

“Many of the things we offer are very different. Many people are concerned, a little afraid of what is normal. Fear is normal. So if you can get out of this box for a brief second, you never know how big you can make it, ”said Roberts.

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