Wholesome Hacks for Wholesome Dwelling

How many of us have researched what suits us best? Whenever a new health gadget or app is launched, we look forward to buying and exploring the various features it has to offer. But we seldom pay attention to the fact that the app, the gadget, asks us to set the parameters we want to monitor. Have we set our individual parameters? Mostly no. However, this is the first step in creating our healthy outfit.

So where do we start? Here, share the three health hacks that will help me keep going.

Knowing our own body is important and we must first define what is healthy for us. Understand that health is an ecosystem. Every person is different, every day is different and we all have different living conditions. Therefore, it is critical to devote enough time to designing our health routine that complements the elements that affect our health – physically, mentally, and socially. The problem today is that we look at things in isolation where we need to understand the network. For example, we start popping pills as soon as there is any discomfort in any part of the body. But are we really working on the root cause? Likewise, mental health treatment is not about using antidepressants to alter the chemical makeup of the brain. However, treating the brain as an organ is not enough to cure mental health. There are nutrients that we need to provide to the mind. In addition, lifestyle needs to be addressed and even the daily circumstances of the individual stimulated in order to influence mental wellbeing. The knowledge of these relationships and the appropriate processing of the parameters is important in order to effectively influence a holistic well-being.

Use technology wisely through relevant devices, devices, apps, and more. We live in the era of AI and ML. We have many devices and wellness apps on hand to enable healthy living. As simple as an oximeter and blood glucose meter to a breast cancer test kit, they are all available on our doorstep today. In fact, with all portable devices and chips, everything is accessible at your fingertips. Diagnosis and treatment monitoring have advanced significantly. As people spend more time online, there are special wellness channels, platforms and content available there to learn about many health issues, as well as DIY solutions and even online 24/7 advice with medical experts all over the world World. We moved from mass therapy to customization and personalization. All of this is only useful if we take care of our well-being. Take the time to understand and analyze this data, which provides information and health signals. Not only can these prevent disease, but also facilitate healing if followed carefully and carefully.

Go back to the basics. While technology enables surveillance and facilitates treatment, the most important aspect of being healthy is strong immunity. The connection with nature and the adaptation of our habits to the internal health requirements of our body as well as to external conditions such as weather, environmental pollution and the season are a basic requirement. The combination of modern science with the legacy of Ayurveda, the integration of yoga as a way of life, the precautionary approach and the incorporation of natural science such as nutraceuticals as part of the daily routine – all of these will play a vital role in achieving holistic health.

We are endowed with the vast traditional natural medicine. Innovations and technological advances have given us ease and access. Now it’s up to us how cleverly we combine the two and use the hacks to promote the health that suits us best.

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