Wholesome Dwelling: We Received That, Half One

“… the internet is more than ready to fill our minds with calorie-free, contaminated food for thought … all you have to do is stare at the glowing screen and let everything slide through a rabbit hole of bizarre and exotic lies and ideas.” “~ Robert Skender

I am a little confused. The feeling is like a constant, slightly confused state.

To be honest, I was in this state before the pandemic, but it was taken up a notch, or 10. But that’s okay, I’ll mulligan myself.

Perhaps most of us feel like we are somewhere on the “what the hell is going on?” Scale. It is a proportional response to this new threat in our immediate environment.

The healthy feeling in the moment should feel slightly unfounded, like an agonizing, unusual fear. Forgiveness eases the strong oxygen and directs life into a brighter room in the new atmosphere of this pandemic. However, these are unusual days that are not unprecedented.

There’s no conspiracy that includes Bill Gates, 5G networks, or Chinese bioweapons. The latter theory is also inherently racist. We must collectively oppose some of the more nefarious theories. We are not being manipulated by a deep state and yes, unfortunately COVID-19 exists.

About 10,000 years ago, our human ancestors slowly switched from hunting and gathering to an agricultural life, which must have looked like a great idea at the time. It stabilized our food resources for the cold winters or monsoons in warmer places closer to the equator. However, it also brought us closer together physically and pandemic-type events were added to the mix.

A sophisticated scientific explanation requires a lot of mental lifting. Some effort will have to be made to come up with a solid explanation for a confusing problem like the current pandemic.

While conspiring on conspiracy theories or thinking that COVID doesn’t exist is the lazy, effortless way, the internet is mentally more than ready to fill our minds with calorie-free, contaminated food for thought. There is literally as much unsubstantiated junk as we can spiritually consume. All you have to do is stare at the glowing screen and let everything slide down a rabbit hole full of bizarre and exotic lies and ideas. The further you go, the harder it is to get out like you’re in a cult.

We need to encourage our synapses and neurons to shoot cleanly at each cylinder and run around the cerebral cortex to collect good data for assimilation.

Our ancient cousins ​​in human genealogy slept in trees to avoid predators from animals just steps away from the food chain. Think about it as you struggle with your blanket having the significant other in your bed or as you peer into your little piece of technology that contains every book ever written.

The warmer, brighter air and bluer skies provide a calming consistency in difficult times. Trees and plants respond to the ever-changing seasons and do the impressive feat of eating sunshine to create multicolored, multi-sensory food that is completely free.

The human family evolved around adapting to the seasons and general threats to survival. Here we are, however, almost a quarter into a new century, and we must come together and survive to continue the cycle of life.

I have found that some unexpected pandemic-induced events are ridiculous and leave my brain in a happier state.

Stay tuned

In part two on this topic, I’m going to tell a story that features an old but reliable 1973 Campion boat that floated into my life. my front partial denture; a very professional diver; and how things just worked out despite the adversity.

Robert Skender is a freelance writer and health commentator for Powell River.

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