Wholesome Dwelling: Useful health coaching in lower than an hour with the F-45 exercise

BATON ROUGE, LA (BRPROUD) – If you’re looking for a quick full-body workout that fits into a fast-paced lifestyle, the F-45 may be for you. In this week’s “Healthy Living” segment, Carly Laing gives an insight into this highly intensive, functional fitness exercise.

It’s functional, high-intensity, and only takes 45 minutes. We’re talking about the F-45 training.

“The F stands for functional. 45 stands for 45 minutes. So we’re addressing this young professional or someone who understands that fitness and wellness are part of our lives, but also have to go with all the other things, ”said Ranaudo.

Anthony Ranaudo, owner of the Baton Rouge in F-45 City Square, said the F-45 is perfect for those who are busy.

“Every day it’s a different station, a different type of training. We mix it up between cardio three days a week, weight lifting three days a week, and then there’s a hybrid day where we throw a DJ in here on Saturday morning, which is an hour of training instead of 45 minutes, ”said Ranaudo.

You will sweat, your heart rate will increase as you build on everyday functional movements.

“When you are a mother who carries children, we strengthen the core. If you have to pick something up from the floor, we do a lot of squats, ”said Ranaudo.

Don’t be fooled by the intensity, said Ranaudo, anyone can do it.

“My background is in professional baseball and I trained with a 71 year old woman. The stations are designed with different weights and different expertise. So I can train next to someone who has never trained before and I’ve trained for 20 years. I do mine and get my heart rate and movement to where I need them and he or she does what they need for their individual program, ”said Ranaudo.

But remember, every routine is all about balance.

“We understand what Louisiana loves. We like to drink, we like to party, we like to eat, but let’s find a way to mix some exercise and wellness in a healthy way. We will also show people that there is a healthy balance in which to enjoy life. Train, but also enjoy life, ”said Ranaudo.

F-45 is on Facebook and Instagram. You can also learn more by visiting their website HERE.

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