Wholesome dwelling terrace backyard that helps immunity boosters

Choose the plants:

Depending on the room, we can grow all kinds of plants in the terrace garden, from organic fruit and vegetables to herbs, shrubs and flowers.

With the pandemic re-emphasizing the importance of health and wellbeing, one can also consider growing immunity booster crops such as aloe vera, giloy, and tulsi. In addition, natural air purifiers such as Sansevieri – Green and Variegated; Money Plant, Areca Palm, Spyder Pant, Jamia, and White Pathos are also popular choices for home gardeners.

Soil preparation:

In general, the soil should be fertile and contain the right amounts of moisture and minerals. Fresh soil from any farm with the right amount of organic fertilizer and vermicompost is good for planters. Organic manure, or aged manure, are the best ways to prepare the soil for the garden as they will provide almost any nutrient to the plant. To avoid pest infestation, a certain amount of organic pesticides can be mixed into the soil.

For home gardening, soil mixtures are available online or at tree nurseries. COCO peat is also a very popular choice for home gardeners as it helps retain water, aerate the roots, and protect the plant from soil fungus. Mix it with soil or apply 1 inch layer of coconut peat to the potter / planter to help retain moisture.

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