Wholesome Dwelling: Rescuing Tremendous Seniors and Particular Wants Canines

Almost three and a half million dogs are weaned in animal shelters each year. Many of these dogs will be elderly, injured, and sick. A woman is on a mission to save her, an old dog with one


Time and let them live their golden years with the love they deserve. Whitney Amann has more to this healthy life.

Blind, sick, injured, old, really old and paralyzed! Dogs like little Maverick, who was found paralyzed by the roadside, were dumped, left to die, and disposed of. Heidi Hardman’s passion in life is to help these outsiders in the canine world. “The older they are, the less chance they will get out,” said Heidi Hardman, founder of Polka Dogz. “Do you really want this dog to suffer and let him spend his last days in a shelter where there is no one, no family who love him?”

For many, the answer is simple. “You deserve the second chance to get this. You could still have a lot of life in you, ”said Hardman.

The pluses of owning a dog with elderly or special needs … their personalities are already developed, most are calmer, and they will likely know basic commands. But a quieter home with no children is usually best, and additional costs such as medication, therapy, surgery, etc. may apply.

Polka Dogz has adopted more than 1100 senior and special needs dogs to date. If you’re interested in helping a dog with elderly or special needs, you can always get care or volunteer at a local animal shelter. Here is a list of animal shelters listed by county. You can also check out our Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday page.

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