Wholesome dwelling: foraging is the longer term

Biodiversity is fast becoming the most important aspect of our world.

It’s good for the environment, absolutely vital to our wildlife, and the cornerstone of good health. I have often pointed out to you that the more diverse our microbiome, the healthier we are – the microscopic creatures that live in and on our bodies. To achieve this diversity in the gut microbes, we need to feed them a wide variety of plant-based foods.

If you look around your local supermarket – even farmers’ markets – you’ll see a limited variety of plants – fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Most people tend to buy the same groceries week in and week out. The demand for greater choice is not there.

You may think you are eating a wide variety, but it’s nowhere near what our ancestors ate – and some hunter-gatherer tribes still eat.

Wild plants, mushrooms, lichens, algae, algae, and other wild organisms typically contain more nutrients than cultivated varieties and contain unique compounds not found in other foods.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you pick wild plants – it can be quite dangerous if you don’t know which plants are safe to eat. Fortunately, there are people who are enthusiastic about wild plants. They look for sales and teach how to do it when interested.

Avery and Edward of Thalli Foods (thallifoods.ie), this couple, collect and preserve wild plants; Algae, sea vegetables, wild flowers and other wonderful offerings of the wild Atlantic coast and bring them to our markets and interested restaurants.

They work with farmers, landowners, schools, and the public to teach them how and where to find wild foods, how to prepare and eat them, and how to commercialize them in ways that benefit the environment and society.

Its aim is to increase the diversity of human nutrition while at the same time improving environmental diversity. This follows Miles Irving’s steps in researching wild foods as the future food resource on our planet.

Thalli Foods offers a large selection of fresh and naturally pickled / fermented plants – the wild rose apple cider vinegar or the wild garlic sauerkraut are a dream!

They want to share their knowledge as much as possible because they believe that “competition” is a positive thing, especially in the wild food world. A real collector is a steward and a steward, a conservationist and a restorer, a planter-collector.

The more real collectors there are on the land, the more it can be respected and restored, this knowledge is passed on to future generations and the less we have to rely on global trading systems or toxic and destructive agricultural practices. That’s why they start a mentoring program to help others build a business so that everyone can free themselves and their community.

Please visit thallifoods.com for more information

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