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Who doesn’t love adding a little salt to their dinner? But if you are like many Americans, your doctor may have advised you to reduce your salt intake. Show disappointment when you bite your chicken leg and it won’t taste like anything.

It turns out that it takes 24 weeks to adjust how much salt you’d rather add to your food. That’s a long time! And in the meantime, your food can just have that super healthy taste that is just hard to digest.

But eating well is important, so I’ve put together four tips to make healthy food taste great while you learn to love it forever:

Choose a meal and be patient

You can’t expect to love healthy food from the start, especially if you’ve eaten processed foods all your life. To start with a healthy diet, you should aim to include one healthy food at a time in your diet. Then you should allow yourself six weeks to make small changes to your goal and six months to love the new changes.

Be patient with yourself and remember that these things take time. The most important thing to give yourself in moving to a healthy diet is kindness and forgiveness. You can screw things up along the way, but it’s all part of the process of moving towards a healthier lifestyle. By starting one thing at a time, you will achieve your goal more efficiently.

Prepare for success by shopping for the best ingredients

If you start with great ingredients instead of processed products, making a healthy meal doesn’t have to be difficult and can taste great. With just three or four delicious and fresh ingredients, you can prepare a meal in just 15 minutes that makes it easy to appreciate the taste of each one without covering it with other heavily modified products.

If you’re looking for recipes for delicious, easy, and healthy meals, Homemade Method has some great ideas, including the following:

Homemade pizzas with fresh vegetables, cheese and lavash bread or whole grain tortillas.

Homemade salads with quinoa, seasonal fruits and vegetables and olive oil or lemon dressing.

Homemade frittata with sauteed vegetables.

Between Google and Pinterest, you’ll never run out of fun healthy food ideas to try and hopefully love over the long term.

Learn how to cook and season any type of food

Sometimes healthy food has that “healthy” taste that we’re not used to because it doesn’t have the filling, fun extras that we like. Here are tips to make vegetables, protein, whole grains and fruit taste better:

vegetables: Buy in season, sprinkle nuts or parmesan on top, mix vegetables, and even add sweet extras like apple, pear or raisins to make it even better.

Fish, poultry or tofu: Marinate or poach your protein to make it tender. Pick a rub recipe you like and add tasty extras like lemon juice, soy sauce, salsa or sliced ​​avocado.

full grain: Many whole grains have a naturally nutty taste that comes out when frying, even for a little while. Cooking your grains with chicken, vegetable, or mushroom broth instead of water also enhances the taste.

fruit: Buy in season if you can. Eat fruits together in smoothies or fruit salads and add cinnamon or citrus juice. Make a dip with plain yogurt sweetened with pure maple syrup or honey. Yum!

Change your mindset

After years of consuming processed foods, it will take a while to get used to the taste of healthier foods – and that’s normal! The standard American diet is full of added chemicals and sugars, and they are actually addicting. Don’t expect to enjoy kale more overnight than processed foods.

As nutritionist Megan Olson explains, “If you were never introduced to squash as a toddler, you are essentially traveling back in time, re-developing those tastes and relearning the bad ones.”

So realize that you may be starting over and let this process guide you. You can do that!

If your diet isn’t as healthy as you want it to be, take heart – you can help yourself love healthy foods. By choosing one food at a time, buying in the best ingredients, learning how to prepare and seasoning any type of food, and changing your mindset, you are well on your way to a lifestyle that makes you healthy and happy.

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