Utopian grocery retailer that provides folks entry to wholesome meals on the southeast facet

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Waynes NBC) – The Utopian Community Grocery Store opens this month and supporters say it aims to end the food wasteland on Fort Wayne’s southeast side.

Utopian Community Grocery opens at 7am on May 15th. according to a Facebook post. The shop will have fresh produce from local farmers or community gardens.

The USDA reported in 2017 that 10 percent of Allen County’s people live in a food desert.

This means that these people have limited access to a grocery store with healthy and affordable options near their home. This can lead to shorter lifetimes or chronic health conditions.

According to the report, color communities and low-income areas are most likely to have the least access to healthy and affordable food.

Changemakers’ Daylana Saunders shares firsthand the difficulty of finding healthy foods in the southeast of the city.

“Black and brown communities in Fort Wayne have been grappling with this problem for many years,” Saunders said. “Going to these areas gives you more access to smaller grocery stores with more junk food. It’s easier to grab a bite at McDonald’s. Going into your own neighborhood and having a healthy dinner is not an option. ”

Councilwoman Sharon Tucker represents the southeast side of Fort Wayne. She says the region has had less and less access to healthy food and this is affecting people’s quality of life.

“Not being able to know where you will have access to food, knowing that there is a place to go for a walk and have a healthy meal that means a lot to the community, means a lot to the people,” said Tucker.
“I want everyone to have access to a healthy life. I know I have work to do.”

According to Tucker, this grocery store is the first step in creating a healthier community. However, your next step is to give people better access to health care in the area.

More information on opening the store can be found here.

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