Traders Assist Tesco Develop Wholesome Meals Gross sales

A group of investors who had pressured Tesco to increase sales of healthy foods got their request this week when the UK retailer announced plans to improve nutritional options in its stores.

Tesco, which had pledged to increase sales of healthy products in UK stores to 65%, pledged to continue the commitment to its Booker and Central Europe businesses, which led Share Action’s 100+ investors to propose a resolution at its AGM declined, according to a report in the Financial Times.

“Investors are increasingly realizing the importance of people’s health, including the role supermarkets play in shaping our diet,” said Simon Rawson, director of corporate engagement for ShareAction.

“Following our commitment over the past year, we very much appreciate Tesco’s new commitments to support healthier eating. The Healthy Markets coalition of investors looks forward to continuing our engagement with Tesco, other retailers and food manufacturers. “

“The food industry has a unique opportunity to help us improve health and resilience in society as we begin to rebuild from the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Tesco says its UK health initiative and ROI will make efforts to increase sales of healthier foods – both private label and branded – including “plant-based meat alternatives” relative to total sales. This includes both larger stores and convenience stores.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to buy healthier food,” said Sarah Bradbury, Quality Director, Tesco Group.

“We already have broad and ambitious commitments for our UK business and ROI where we are the greatest in scope and where our work is the most advanced.”

“However, we also have stretching plans for the broader Tesco group and these new commitments will ensure that every customer – wherever and however they shop with us – has even better access to affordable, healthy and sustainable food.”

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