“To create a wholesome information ecosystem,” eleven digital shops come collectively to launch a brand new physique

Alt News, Article 14, Boomlive, Cobrapost, HW News, Newsclick, Newslaundry, Scroll, News Minute, Quint and Wire are among the founding members of DIGIPUB.

11 digital news organizations have come together to create a healthy news ecosystem for the digital age. The DIGIPUB News India Foundation was launched on Tuesday.

“The DIGIPUB News India Foundation was established to represent, expand and develop best practices to build a robust digital news ecology that is truly world-class, independent and adheres to the highest standards of journalism,” the association said in a press release, while he’s starting the.

The press release stated that one of the Foundation’s primary goals was to “underscore the fact that the activities and interests of older media may not always coincide with those of digital media – particularly with regard to regulation, business models, technology and structures”.

Alt News, Article 14, Boomlive, Cobrapost, HW News, Newsclick, Newslaundry, Scroll, News Minute, Quint and Wire are among the founding members of DIGIPUB. DIGIPUB membership is limited to digital news agencies and journalists currently operating in India.

In a unique provision, DIGIPUB is also open to independent and freelance journalists who work in the digital media. The press release stated: “The Foundation does not believe that only organizations should represent or express the needs of the digital news ecosystem. It is imperative to recognize the contribution of independent journalists to the formation of the bulwark of this ecosystem. “

News Minute’s Dhanya Rajendran is the association’s first chairman. Newsclick’s Prabir Purkayastha is vice chairman, and Quint’s Ritu Kapur and Newslaundry’s Abhinandan Sekhri are general secretaries.

While emphasizing the need for such an association, Rajendran said, “As digital news media organizations become increasingly important in our lives in providing credible information and maintaining democracy, it is through these concerted efforts by digital first news agencies that we will be able to do so to keep the ecosystem healthy. This will help us come together to solve the massive challenges the industry is facing today. “

When asked about the need for this foundation, Ritu Kapur said: “Independent digital-only publishers were at the forefront of strong, fearless journalism and were often threatened. It was important to have a body that would have their voice and protect the interests and needs of independent newsrooms and journalists. The Quint is proud to be a founding member of the DIGIPUB News India Foundation. “

The News Broadcasting Association and the Press Council of India are self-regulators of television news channels and newspapers in India. However, there was no such body exclusively representing digital media organizations and DIGIPUB intends to fill this vacuum.

There are two other bodies that claim to represent India’s digital media. The Digital News Publishers Association (DNPA) is one of them, which includes the Times Group, India Today Group, Hindustan Times, and NDTV. The second is the Indian Digital Media Association (IDMA), whose members are Republic TV, India News, Odisha TV, News X, Sunday Guardian, OpIndia, and Goa Chronicle.

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