Tips on how to eat wholesome meals day-after-day and nonetheless bask in your favourite treats

When it comes to eating healthy, choice is everything.

We all love to indulge in a snack or a sweet treat every now and then, but it’s important not to feel too guilty about our sweet cravings.


Tamara Willner, nutritionist at NHS-backed Healthy Eating Plan Second Nature, shows how to eat the things you love while staying healthyCredit: Secondnature

A healthy lifestyle should be simple, practical, tasty and not restrictive!

As long as you have a comfortable, healthy, and balanced diet every day, it’s okay to enjoy your favorite treats in moderation.

Tamara Willner, nutritionist with the NHS-sponsored healthy eating plan Second Nature, says, “One of the most important, but overlooked, aspects of healthy change is making sure that we continue to include the foods we love in our diet, rather than ourselves to restrict completely.

“This means we are much more likely to stick with our lifestyle changes in the long term, which is more important than seeing short-term results and getting back to our old habits.”

Adding more vegetables to your meal is a great goal


Adding more vegetables to your meal is a great goalCredit: Secondnature

Here she reveals her five most important tips for eating healthy foods every day – while still indulging in your favorite treats …


A good goal is to make half of your meal out of non-starchy vegetables, says Tamara.

The nutritionist reveals that adding extra vegetables to your lunch or dinner is a great way to ensure that you are eating healthy – while enjoying tasty, healthy meals at the same time.

She says, “For example, if you have a favorite pasta dish, still enjoy it, but consider adding more veggies, such as B. zucchini cubes, chopped mushrooms or grated carrots. ”


Tamara advises that it is important to swap smart foods and pay attention to our cravings.

She says, “If we really crave our favorite foods, it is important that we give them to ourselves and only try to enjoy them mindfully.

“However, there are many healthy swaps that we can do without compromising the taste.

Try using fruit as a sweetener when craving for sugar


Try using fruit as a sweetener when craving for sugarCredit: Secondnature

“For example, if you want cheese and crackers, swap white cheese crackers for homemade seed-based crackers.”

Use fruit as a sweetener

Those with a sweet tooth are very common, so nutritionist Tamara says we can use fruit to sweeten our meals, especially for breakfast.

One of their top tips is to use fresh or frozen fruit as a healthy choice versus sugar, honey, or syrup.

“Consider adding a piece of chopped fresh fruit to porridge or natural plain yogurt, or microwaving a handful of frozen berries to make a coulis,” suggests Tamara.

“If you want a dessert or a sweet snack, you can also bake with fruit to sweeten a meal as an alternative to refined sugar.”


Sometimes we need a calming meal and it’s easy to choose a takeaway meal.

But Tamara from Second Nature says the next time you feel like a delivery, you should consider making a “fakeaway” yourself.

The homemade options are healthier than take-out and usually save money too.

She says, “There are hundreds of easy, quick recipes that will taste just as delicious (if not better) as a snack.

“Besides, you don’t have to worry about it getting cold! For example, here are my favorite healthy pizza recipes. ”


Usually milk or white chocolate are favorites.

However, Tamara says it is possible to slowly adjust your taste buds to enjoy dark chocolate, even if it tastes too tasty or bitter at first.

She says, “Try having a square with more than 80% dark chocolate if you get chocolate cravings.

“If you don’t like it, start with 40% + and slowly increase the%. Dark chocolate is richer, so it is harder to overeat and can satisfy our chocolate cravings just like milk chocolate. “


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