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Resident of Edenvale and wife South Africa 2021 Thenji Mdluli not only stands for crown and beauty, she is also an ambassador for healthy living and nutrition.

The Queen touches life through her Girls Dig Deep girls’ initiative, which is about empowering women and girls by providing opportunities and support for them at all stages of their development.

This will ultimately lead them into agriculture, a predominantly male industry.

“The words ‘dig deep’ have a double meaning. It encourages young girls to think about nutrition, health, soil, gardening and ultimately agriculture, but we also want them to dive deep within themselves to find their unique and authentic talents and gifts.

“This will enable them to confidently walk their own path regardless of their domestic circumstances or what society dictates,” said Thenji.

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She said that because of her upbringing, she has always been passionate about nutrition.

“I grew up in a township where non-communicable diseases like heart disease, type II diabetes and high blood pressure were not only normal but seemed inevitable.

“As I got older and had a family of my own, I started researching how I could best keep my family healthy.

“I’ve discovered that so many ailments can be avoided by simply making better lifestyle choices.

“I just gave the kids buckets of vegetables and fruits at first, but the dream developed because I wanted to offer them long-term solutions and enable them to be self-sufficient,” said Thenji.

Girls Dig Deep has partnered with the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, which has an initiative called the Landcare Program.

This employs a conservation farming system that offers hope for more productivity, food security, job creation and a better quality of life for all.

The department also runs a Junior Care Program, which aims to address the plight of malnutrition in the younger population.

“We are delighted to have worked with the department on this initiative as they support the same nutrition ideas.

“We worked together immediately to make sure we had a wider reach and share ideas about the root causes that we are so committed to working on to ensure success,” said Thenji.

She said she was happy to be able to teach young girls.

“When I went to school I noticed that the children, especially the young girls, did not believe that they could generate a sustainable income through their business or work in agriculture.

“They didn’t think they could be self-sufficient or even grow their own vegetables at home to provide nutritious nutrition for themselves and their families. I wanted to change that way of thinking, ”said Thenji.

She said she hoped this project addresses the food crisis.

“Covid-19 exposed the food crisis that we want to address.

“This will be done through projects that include the creation of vegetable gardens, support for aspiring farmers, the qualification of youth through agricultural learning institutions and the consistent promotion of conservation agriculture,” said Thenji.

She said she was humble and grateful to have a platform like Mrs. South Africa because it allowed her to influence others.

“I’ve been given a strong platform and I don’t take responsibility lightly. It has not always been easy, but I am committed to making a difference and serving.

“I want to leave a legacy that will last long after my reign is over. I make sure that every initiative I take has a positive effect and changes people’s lives, ”said Thenji.

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