The YMCA concession sales space provides wholesome meals and beverage choices

Shawnee Family YMCA is adding healthy food and drink to its concession booths.

During Avedis Health Week recently, several Blue Zones Project-approved organizations – the Shawnee YMCA, SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital-Shawnee, and Oklahoma Baptist University – announced a joint campaign to offer healthy options at the sites.

The concession booths are open to the public during league games during the baseball, soccer, cheer and soccer seasons.

With success during the outdoor sports season, the YMCA is trying to expand the range of concession stands to include indoor sports concession stands.

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The idea was sparked by SSM Health Medical Group registered nutritionist Andrea Beck when she said she noticed an opportunity for healthy snacks while participating in games on the Shawnee Family YMCA baseball fields. She also sits on the board of directors of the YMCA.

“The goal for athletes is to jump higher, run faster, kick the ball harder, and so on,” said Beck. “Our children need to feed their bodies with real food, not garbage.”

Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) was an easy choice to support efforts and inspire young athletes, she said.

“It is an honor for our outstanding OBU student athletes to take part in this campaign,” said Brian Dude, deputy sports director of the OBU. “We’re excited to work with these community partners to inspire the next generation, make healthy choices, and realize their incredible potential.”

OBU athletes posed for banner photos and held fresh fruits and vegetables and water bottles to encourage young athletes to play and eat like athletes.

With the support of SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital-Shawnee, the banners are now hanging on the baseball fields of the YMCA.

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“We love promoting and promoting healthy lifestyles for all ages in our community, but especially the younger generation,” said Angi Mohr, president of SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital-Shawnee. “The banner with OBU athletes is an entertaining way to show the next generation how important healthy nutrition is.”

Fresh fruit, muesli bars and trail mix as well as sugar-free drinks are new to the range of products offered by the YMCA concession stand.

A YMCA banner promoting healthy eating.

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