The “Orti del Biellese” (Bielle Farm Gardens) mission continues: When wholesome meals creates socialization and solidarity

The “Orti del Biellese” (Bielle Farm Gardens) project continues: When healthy food creates socialization and solidarity

Numerous citizens of Biella take part in the initiative, which delivers fruit and vegetable boxes from local social gardens home every week. It will be possible to support the activity by using the service or helping the field workers, even in July and August, the months when there is a new selection of fruits and vegetables.


A little more than a month has passed since our first visit to Orto 133, a property on Strada Monte Piazzo, in the Vandorno district of Biella. On this occasion we met the people who animated the project, who told us about the specifics of the property that became Orti del Biellese, an initiative born from the Let Eat Grow and Terre AbbanDonate projects, and thanks a loan from the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation. The plot of land on which the fruit and vegetables for the self-supplied boxes are grown was actually found through the Terre AbbanDonate project. The products are then delivered to the residential / work address (within the province of Biella) of the project participants at no extra charge.

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Behind the scenes is a “temporary association” consisting of four local organizations: Let Eat Bi, Harambee, White Rabbit Event and the BiCiclo Social Cooperative. Each of them has a specific role: Let Eat Bi coordinates and leads the Orti del Biellese project, Harambee Aps runs the social gardens, White Rabbit Event Odv is responsible for communication and Biciclo takes care of the distribution of the boxes. Fundamental in this context was the appeal Im.patto by Nova Coop, which Orti del Biellese won as part of the Sapori Biellesi project and which subsidizes the home delivery of the boxes.

As already mentioned, we went into the garden in mid-May to document and promote the new project. Now, after a little over a month, the initiative has developed in all its facets: The impression is that the fruit and vegetable plants have grown in parallel with the project, certainly thanks to the skill and professionalism of the farmers. But we like to think that there is something more, that this green paradise is thriving thanks to the energy and passion of those who take care of it and the people of Biella who first believed in and supported the project.

Mauro Lombardi, President of Harambee Aps, one of the key figures in the project, took stock: “The project is making very good progress, thanks in part to all of those who bought the boxes and the volunteers who help us with the fields. But we are only at the beginning: The busiest months are still ahead. ”In July and August there is actually a new selection of fruit and vegetables, always seasonal and of course:“ Most likely we will be able to offer our baby watermelons – he expected – that grow very well. Soon it will be time for tomatoes (cherry, beef, datterini, Costoluto, Roma) and basil: we planted them together to create a synergy, because growing them on the same plot makes tomatoes unique. “

Given the great harvest expected in July and August, which often coincides with holidays and travel, the organizers of the project offer all members options: if for some reason they are not in Biella, they can suspend the subscription without losing the weekly box, the simply delivered at a later date; Alternatively, you can give away your already paid weekly box to a family member or friend by simply giving your address.

In order to develop it further, everyone involved in the Orti del Biellese project is looking for more people to work alongside Mauro Lombardi: “Anyone who wants to help – explained the President of Harambee – is welcome. Here in the gardens there is no lack of moments of conviviality and conviviality, and all of this in the middle of the green and in peace. ”One of the ‘newcomers’ to the project in this context is Jenny Aguilar (first left in the cover picture):“ During the nova Co-op tasting on Saturday 19th I heard about the vegetable garden project and was pleasantly surprised. So I subscribed to the service and decided to help in the fields: Since I didn’t have a garden of my own, I felt the need to work with the land, watch the plants grow and eat something that I “produce” and for could take care of myself. “. Her words were confirmed by Mauro Lombardi: “Those who help us or buy the boxes – he concluded – not only get healthy and natural fruit and vegetables, but also support a territorial project of social gardens”.

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