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Several food truck vendors are unsure of their future after a pandemic.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – The future is uncertain for many food trucks in the Las Vegas Valley. Just like in restaurants, the mobile grocery stores had to close in March.

Some said their businesses stalled until the end of the year.

“This year has been very busy. The start was great, ”said Trisha Nuckles. She owns The Cake Wagon, a dessert truck.

Food truck owners had high hopes for 2020.

“This year should be when we really make a name for ourselves in Vegas,” said Jon Batista. He and his wife run Your-Panadas. “In the first week we lost $ 9,000 and guaranteed money for events.”

“Within two weeks of everything being hit, my entire year was wiped out. All of our events have been canceled, ”said Nuckles.

From savory to sweet, food trucks of all disciplines had to put things in the park. At the height of the pandemic, panic buying and food shortages only made the situation worse.

“Water prices have soared,” said Nuckles. “For me, flour, sugar, butter, everything that everyone has bought to make their own bread, are the basic ingredients for what I do. It was pretty difficult to get. “

A nationwide meat shortage is making the margins for food trucks even tighter and trying to get going again.

“Ground beef was gone, ribeye was gone, pork bum was gone,” said Michael Dillon. He and his wife own Onolicious.

“It affects everyone, more than double when you talk about chicken, all proteins. They have increased significantly, ”said Batista.

Still, Your-Panadas said it won’t change portion sizes or raise prices for customers.

Onolicious, the Hawaiian merger stop, can find stability in a more permanent configuration.

“[We are] try to find our own location, ”said Dillon. “Maybe someday we’ll go to a brick and mortar.”

The key to a comeback: food trucks rely on events to bring the crowd back.

“Vegas will always bounce back,” Batista said.

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