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The recovery from Covid-19 was an uphill battle for many people, with more and more becoming “Covid long-distance drivers”. The good news is that Bristol Health has a new program that has been proven to help these people lead healthier lives again.

We are launching our PACT (Post-Acute Covid-19 Treatment and Rehabilitation) program for the public. The program aims to provide the long-distance Covid riders in our community with the personalized attention they need for maximum recovery. For many who suffer from post-acute Covid-19 syndrome, specialized care is necessary as it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to come back 100 percent after their fight against the coronavirus – even if the infection did not lead to hospitalization.

Before contracting Covid, these people were active and healthy, participating in competitive sports, running marathons and caring for their communities. Now simple activities have become difficult tasks as symptoms linger for weeks or months after the acute illness.

Post-acute Covid-19 syndrome can encompass a wide range of symptoms, including the beginning or exacerbation of pre-existing respiratory, cardiac, neurological, or psychological health problems that can be debilitating.

Rehabilitation is key to full recovery from any debilitating disease. We know that prolonged illness, hospitalization, intensive care or just a long stay in bed can lead to decreased performance and stamina. PACT can help long-haul pilots recover.

PACT brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts from pulmonary and sleep medicine, cardiology, neurology, behavioral medicine, infectious diseases, physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational medicine. Upon entry into the program, you will receive an initial symptom assessment to better understand your needs. Program participants are then referred to the appropriate specialists for further assessment and management. For some, physical therapy may be the best route to a full recovery; for others, it may require the expertise of a neurologist to deal with cognitive problems, a cardiologist to treat heart problems, or direct help from one or more of the many other specialists who the one integrated with this program. All providers work closely together with the common goal of helping these long-distance drivers.

In addition to providing you with evidence-based care to support your physical recovery, PACT can connect you with the right resources to address any mental health issues caused by the pandemic.

From the beginning, the pandemic has negatively affected our lives through social isolation, psychosocial stress, or work stress. Covid survivors in particular, both with and without a history of mental illness, are known to have deteriorated mental health. These individuals can benefit from the trained behavioral health professionals who work with the PACT program or join the Covid-19 support group. The Bristol Covid-19 Support Group provides these individuals with another platform to deal with the long-term effects of Covid.

The best news I can tell you is that the PACT program is working.

Bristol Health initially added its own employees with post-acute Covid-19 syndrome to the program. The vast majority have gradually been able to return to their work and activities of daily living. After being successful with our own staff, we made the PACT program available to our community members. Call (860) 922-5369 to find out more.

Whether you are struggling with your daily chores, getting back to work successfully, or just seeking social support, this program is designed to help you reintegrate into society and return to a healthy and happy life. Dr. Khatlani, MD, MSc is the Medical Director for Occupational Medicine at Bristol Health Medworks.

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