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Secrets of Success in Life

In today’s Talk About Healthy Living podcast, renowned personal development trainer Peggy Sealfon shares positive habits that lead to success in life

Believe in you. Stop the negative self-talk and develop adaptability and resilience … see setbacks as an opportunity ”

– Peggy Sealfon

NAPLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2021 / – What is Success? In today’s Talk About Healthy Living podcast, Peggy Sealfon, internationally recognized personal development coach, author, and motivational speaker, shares traits of phenomenally successful people that can be mimicked to achieve personal success! She talks about lifestyle choices and valuable habits that can be cultivated to develop real success in life.

In this nine-minute episode, Sealfon offers powerful advice to develop patterns of behavior that lead to a growth mindset. She gives one tip: “Believe in yourself. Stop the negative self-talk and develop adaptability and resilience … see setbacks as opportunities. ”She discusses specific characteristics that improve personal potential. She also shares The Secret Sauce, an effective approach used by the world’s most successful CEOs that she claims is “useful for everyone from retirees to young working parents. It’s about learning to live life better! “

The Talk About Healthy Living podcast was launched in February 2021. As the creator and host of the weekly podcast, Peggy Sealfon respects listener time and each episode provides valuable information and “coaching” techniques in less than 10 minutes. These highly digestible audio nibbles offer powerful, easy-to-use strategies to improve vitality, productivity, and wellbeing. Previous shows have been about finding your happy place, improving brain health, defying stress, stopping panic attacks and negative feelings, being creative, curbing cravings, and more.

Sealfon is passionate about leading others to higher levels of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. She has trained with world champions in Eastern and Western traditions and offers a mix of effective methods in her work through 1: 1 coaching, workshops and books, including her bestseller Escape from Anxiety – Supercharge Your Life with Powerful Strategies from A to Z. As a former A journalist and broadcaster, she has contributed regularly to the New York Times, hosted a regional radio show on Fox News, and has been featured on national television and radio.

Her Talk About Healthy Living podcast gives free access to many life-changing strategies that can benefit everyone. Sealfon believes, “As citizens of planet earth, we have an obligation to offer support, knowledge, and compassion to others. The more we uplift each other, the friendlier and happier our world becomes. “

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