Sponsor Highlight: Edmonds Wholesome Magnificence and Pores and skin Care – on needles and pencils

Imagine taking some of the most powerful and game-changing antiaging agents – botox, dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid, even platelet rich plasma – and creating a system that allows them to penetrate directly into the second layer of skin (also known as the “dermis”) can. and creates an instantly refreshed, supple, youthful shine.

Done and done … thanks to Pur’s latest skin care buzz called Aquagold Fine Touch – a radically new device that allows these custom antiaging ingredients to be strategically “sprinkled” into areas of skin that need a certain boost. According to New York dermatologist Dr. David Goldberg, technology has an unprecedented power. Basically, “you need a plum and make it look like a plum,” he explains. This innovative technique is fast, simple and extremely painless and enables the supplier to inject mini doses of high-performance ingredients into areas that are too sensitive, for example, for a conventional deep botox injection.

With the Aquagold system, needles made of 24-carat gold are tiny; any finer than a hair follicle – deliver the product through the skin canals in a repeating, overlapping pattern. The resulting moist, youthful glow is unprecedented and affects patients of all ages for anywhere from four weeks to six months. Even better? Downtime and bruising are usually very little.

On the menu…

Botox: Microinjections of this popular “Wrinkle Freeze” product reduce the size of the pores for a flawless airbrush appearance. It also minimizes fine lines around the lips or delicate eye areas.

Dermal filler: This skin cocktail is enriched with Juvederm (made from the natural plump and moisturizing cream hyaluronic acid) and ensures smooth skin that banishes the creepiness around the eyes or neck. It’s also a perfect choice for reducing superficial acne scars.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP): The skin structure is immediately improved by this treatment in order to set the youthful collagen rejuvenation in motion.

– By Denice Schwind PA-C, CMLSO, specialist in cosmetic dermatology, founder of the PUR Skin Clinic

(Funded by the PUR Skin Clinic)

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