SilverSneakers’ Senior Well being Residing Survey to measure the well being and wellbeing of older adults

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Tivity Health® Launches bi-weekly statewide survey conducted by global intelligence firm Morning Consult to find insights into healthy living among older adults in America. SilverSneakers’ Senior Healthy Living Survey will serve as an “always on” barometer to capture the voice of seniors across the country. The data is extensively shared with healthcare providers, policy makers, key industry influencers and business leaders to help them transform seniors into healthier behaviors today and identify trends to better meet their needs in the future. In addition, this survey will provide important and timely input to the development of new products and services.

“We serve 18 million eligible Medicare Advantage members through SilverSneakers, and our primary responsibility is helping them live healthier and happier lives through programs that promote physical activity, social engagement and spiritual enrichment,” said Richard Ashworth, President and CEO, Tivity health. “The Senior Healthy Living Survey is a unique resource that enables us to deepen our knowledge of older adults, identify trends, and refine our products and services to meet the evolving needs of this population.”

Each Senior Healthy Living Survey is conducted among a national sample of adults 65 and older enrolled with Medicare Advantage. The surveys will include a fixed set of healthy behavior questions along the pillars of our mission, along with a dynamic set of questions covering timely issues that are essential to our myriad of stakeholders, as well as a monthly view specifically for underserved populations, including minorities , rural and low-income seniors.

“Today’s seniors are one of the most complex and diverse populations in our society, and their wants and needs continue to evolve, especially as more baby boomers turn 65,” said Peter Kaldes, Chief Executive Officer, American Society on Aging. “We need to use more data to make decisions about how we use public and private resources to support older adults and promote equality among older populations. Every two weeks, this survey not only examines where this population is today, but also provides a look over time, which provides insights for the future. ”

The Senior Healthy Living Survey of the General Population will complement Tivity Health’s SilverSneakers Pulse surveys, a quarterly assessment of SilverSneakers members. The two Senior Healthy Living Surveys carried out so far 10-11 May and 24.-25. May May indicate that seniors’ stress levels and lack of personal connection remain stable, but their attitudes towards physical activity are improving. Additionally, most report that the COVID-19 pandemic had little impact on their eating habits.

  • Four in ten seniors have experienced stress or excessive worry in the past two weeks, and they attribute that stress to their health and concerns about the future, which remained constant in both surveys.
  • In both surveys, 47 percent of seniors said COVID-19 has made it difficult to visit family and friends in person.
  • More than three quarters of seniors plan to exercise in the next three months 24.-25. May May Survey, 12% more than in the 10-11 May Survey.
  • Sixty percent of seniors said their eating habits were roughly the same as when they started COVID.

These responses indicate the need to help older adults return to routines that involve regular exercise and social interaction. The full reports from the Senior Healthy Living Survey can be found at

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Tivity Health® Inc. (Nasdaq: TVTY) is a leading provider of healthy, life-changing solutions, including SilverSneakers®, Prime® Fitness, WholeHealth Living® and Wisely Well. We are focused on becoming the modern healthy living destination. We will expand beyond fitness by setting up an engagement platform that enables personalized member interaction with all of our offerings, and we will work with other payers and service providers to bundle services for seniors under the umbrella of SilverSneakers. The continuous evolution of our digital offering will enable a tailored, interactive and impactful experience in a variety of areas including fitness, social connection, community engagement, volunteering and enrichment. Learn more at

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