REUSATTER: Allergic reactions are the physique’s “horrible flaw” that we pay for via the nostril for a wholesome way of life

It also causes itching and tearing in the eyes. In the lungs, it causes an asthma response with shortness of breath and wheezing. An eczematous rash and itching may develop on the skin.

All of these are so-called “atopic” conditions – perceptibly named after a Greek word that means “out of place, strange”.

In the most severe cases, anaphylaxis with swelling and obstruction of the airways, low blood pressure, syncope, and possible death can occur.

POLLEN IN THE AIR Now, in the happy month of May, we are bombarded with masses of trees, grass and some bee pollen. This is the highest allergy season and allergy awareness month according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, which names May as national asthma. May 30th in particular is the day of the checklist for a healthy home. Visit the website and learn how to protect your home against allergies.

The bad news is that the allergy season is getting longer and pollen levels are rising. And it appears that “environmental experiences that occur in the first few months of life” make you atopic, notes the journal Nature Review of Immunology.

The way not to have allergies is to avoid whatever you’re allergic to. But “this is the most allergic place on earth,” I used to say to my sniffing, gasping patients – which may be a slight exaggeration, but my joke about moving to the North Pole usually sparked a “we’re not amused” reaction.

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