Residing wholesome in Leonardtown is straightforward

Leonardtown, MD– Leonardtown Commissioners have partnered with the Leonardtown Business Association and Visit St. Mary’s to highlight the great opportunities that are available in Leonardtown for those looking to lead a “fit and healthy lifestyle.”

A resource page has been created to gather information on all of the wonderful opportunities there are for healthy living in Southern Maryland (

Find out where to rent a canoe or kayak and spend the day paddling along beautiful Breton Bay, taking a fun group fitness class (options include stand-up paddleboard, sunrise or aerial yoga, tai chi, and more more), trial price award-winning, heart-healthy wines and delicious meals that also nourish your body, find out where you can buy organic, natural foods and find holistic experts to support you on your way to health and wellbeing.

Whether you are a visitor or resident of this small, vibrant town, a healthy and happy life is possible in Leonardtown.

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To learn more about Southern Maryland visit:

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