Rakksh says common train, wholesome consuming and a powerful thoughts obtained him by means of Covid-19 | have led Kannada Film Information

The actor and television star Rakksh tested positive for Covid-19 a few weeks ago. Since then he has recovered and is resting in his home in Magadi. “April was hectic, especially with news of an impending lockdown. We worked really hard to make sure we had enough episodes from Gattimela for the weeks to come. Safety protocols were followed and since I was in charge of producing the show and am also the lead man, the responsibility was doubled. I always made sure everyone was safe, ”says the actor. Still, he tested positive in the days that followed.

“I immediately isolated myself at home when I found out I had symptoms. My wife soon showed similar symptoms and we were both at home in quarantine. I had a cough, cold and high temperatures at night. Also a lot of tiredness and joint pain, ”he says. However, due to the prevailing conditions, he refrained from sharing it on social media. “It’s one of fear, panic, and confusion. And I didn’t want to add anything, ”explains Rakksh, who shares that he has also lost a lot of weight since his positive test. “During our home treatment, my wife and I followed all of the T protocols, and after completing the recommended days of home isolation, we were re-RT-PCR tested and found negative,” says Rakksh.

Meanwhile, Rakksh’s mother, who he says has never stepped out of her house in the past few months, also tested positive. “She retired from defense two years ago, and I believe it is this difficult background that helped her recovery. She is disciplined about her eating habits and lifestyle, ”he tells us.

There is more. And it’s this piece that Rakksh warns everyone about. “After my wife recovered and was found negative with the RT-PCR test, we considered it safe to show up from home. But within days of going home to their parents, they too tested positive. That’s when I learned that if you test negative after recovery, your body will still carry the virus for a month. Therefore, after-Covid care is just as important, ”notes Rakksh.

As for his take away from the ordeal, the actor says that it is his regular exercise to eat healthy food and a strong mind that has stayed with him through everything. “In the main building where I am currently, we have over 50 people under one roof. It’s a family together and not a single person has turned positive. How is that? Let me tell you They have immense immunity due to their lifestyle. They wake up, holakke hogi kelsa madtare, soppu, mudde tintare (they work in the fields and eat nutritious food) and have a healthy lifestyle and stay away from negativity. Nor is their immunity developed with tablets; It’s just the result of a healthy lifestyle and a strong mind. So don’t panic. Trust yourself and your body and successfully sail through this crisis, ”summarizes Rakksh.

– Madhu Daithota

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