Personal model Thrivv for wholesome meals is launched within the United Arab Emirates

The healthy food brand Thrivv was officially launched in the United Arab Emirates.

It aims to offer customers healthy yet tasty foods that meet all dietary requirements. Thrriv provides sugar-free, low-carb, gluten-free staples for the kitchen and pantry.

It was originally developed for diabetics, with one of the founders of Thrriv suffering from the disease. Now it offers everything from ketogenic, diet-friendly loaves of bread and hot dog buns to natural dressings and sauces. There are also clean label pasta and sorbet on a stick.

The products were developed by the experienced F&B specialist Radhika Sil. She said: “We want to create a movement in which people stop accepting mediocrity in the healthy food market and demand good value for money and the best quality in products that are not snacks.”

Co-Founder and CFO Kailash Rathore said, “I have fought for my life. Being hospitalized with diabetic ketoacidosis, falling into a coma and then going a long way to recovery was my goal to build Thrriv with Radhika, clear and of utmost necessity. “

In addition to the region’s first keto-friendly ice cream, there are also healthy raspberry and strawberry jams from the brand.

Thrriv is available on Noon Daily, Kibsons, Shop Kitopi, and more.

In the Middle East, the number of people following the keto diet has risen sharply. The searches for the low carb diet in the United Arab Emirates have increased 1,000 percent since 2016.

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