Owens Corning’s Social Handprint: Inspiration for Wholesome Residing

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We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of eliminating all lifestyle diseases in our employees and their families. And while we didn’t have a 2020 Sustainability Goal (metric-based) that is directly related to health and wellbeing, efforts in this area have been an important part of our journey in pursuing our pursuit.

To ensure that our employees and their families thrive, over the past decade we have:

  • Launch of the Healthy Living digital platform, which connects employees to our wellness resources and enables them to track their individual progress.

  • Establish an aspiration team led by plant managers for each of our six healthy pillars of life: know your numbers, healthy mind, physical activity, diet, tobacco free and financial health.

  • Activated 99% of our employees work in tobacco-free facilities.

  • Creating a Champion Network where selected employees are trained to assist us in delivering wellness-based programs at our locations around the world.

  • Responded to the US opioid crisis by introducing a three-day limit on short-acting opioid prescriptions.

  • Integrate the principles of Total Productive Maintenance into our health initiatives and empower employees to address health-related issues.

Brian Linder Medical Director of the Company

Owens Corning has long been committed to the health and wellbeing of its employees. We work with our employees to improve and enhance their wellbeing from the earliest moments of employer engagement in this area. It is a natural extension of our commitment and commitment to employee safety. At the highest level in our company there is an understanding that our employees are our most valuable capital and valued partners in all the successes of our company.

While the medical science that underpins our goals to improve the health and wellbeing of employees has remained largely the same over the past decade, the strategies we use to achieve those goals have changed dramatically. In essence, it is not the “what” but the “how” that continues to drive our actions to help our employees live healthier lives. Our early efforts were mostly focused on centralized enterprise solutions to provide education and lifestyle improvement services. This is still a very important part of our wellness strategy, but we have found that by recruiting local facilities, including assisting factory management, building local wellness champions, etc., we are making an even greater contribution to keeping employees healthy can .

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We look forward to working with all of our facilities to provide cutting edge medical education and services in a locally anchored and focused approach that will result in continuous improvement in the health and wellbeing of employees into the future.

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