Northampton nonprofit receives state award for educating wholesome consuming to youngsters

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts (WWLP) – Grow Food Northampton, a local non-profit organization, was recognized on Friday along with 22 other organizations for excellence in energy and environmental education.

The state awards program publicly recognizes formal and informal educators who have been nominated by a community member. The award is described as an opportunity for state and local partners to highlight the importance and benefits of integrating environmental science programs into the curriculum.

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“Promoting a learning environment that not only engages today’s youth, but also prepares them to tackle the issues affecting the world, such as climate change, is a key priority for our government. . .We praise these educators for their tireless work and are proud to support them in their efforts to convey environmental and energy issues. “

Governor Charlie Baker

The winners included 14 public schools, 2 private schools and 6 non-profit organizations such as Grow Food Northampton.

Massachusetts public and private schools were eligible for prize money, but nonprofits were not. Nominated schools competed for $ 5,000 in awards to be used for continuing environmental education material into the curriculum. Non-profit organizations were only entitled to an honorary doctorate to recognize and appreciate their contributions to environmental science education. The schools received between $ 250 and $ 350 in financial rewards.

“Energy and environmental issues can be complex areas of study, but attentive and passionate educators can make these topics really interesting for our students and help inspire the next generation of environmentalists. . By getting students excited about the environment and energy sectors now, we are building the leaders of tomorrow and better preparing them to tackle our country’s critical environmental challenges. “

Kathleen Theoharides, Secretary for Energy and Environment

The financial part of the awards was funded through the sale of whale tail license plates.

Grow Food Northampton received the award for its “Grow Food Kids” program for grades K-3. The program provides both hands-on and classroom instruction in food education, including healthy eating and appropriate techniques for growing plants.

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