New pantry opens in Castlemilk to supply wholesome meals to the local people

A new initiative has been launched in Castlemilk aimed at providing easy access to healthy food.

The Castlemilk Pantry Pantry will provide a much-needed boost to local families and is located in the Castlemilk Community Center on Castlemilk Drive

The pantry works by giving members who sign up for £ 1 a year
Access to around £ 15 worth of goods for a flat rate of just £ 2.50 per store and it started with 92 people signing up on the first day.

The organizers hope it will provide a dignified approach to tackling food inequality.

Fiona Hamilton, Castlemilk Pantry Coordinator, said: “This is a milestone for Castlemilk. Having our own pantry to serve the local community is a huge step forward in tackling food poverty and providing an inexpensive way to buy groceries.

“We’re excited to be open to business.”

It is staffed by volunteers and is currently open to everyone living in the region
G45 postcode area, with plans to open to other local communities once it is established.

The Castlemilk Pantry has been in planning for over two years
however, it has been delayed for a year due to the pandemic and offers a wide variety of fresh, frozen, dried and canned products, with weekly specials and food bought from another social enterprise – the UK’s longest running
FareShare, a food redistribution charity.

It is also said to help address the problem of food waste and preserve food.

The Castlemilk housing associations were at the forefront of the pantry action, which included housing associations of Ardenglen, North View, Cassiltoun, Craigdale and Glasgow.

Audrey Simpson, General Manager of the Ardenglen Housing Association,
said: “This is a hugely important development for Castlemilk
Community as we address food inequality and
deliver a solution right on your doorstep.

“We encourage residents to sign up for membership and find out
why the new pantry can be an inexpensive alternative that is deserved
local support. “

Pantry shopper Leighann Ingram, who also volunteers for service
Customers added, “What a difference for the Castlemilk
Community. I would encourage people to take full advantage of this
a brilliant new way of shopping to make sure it is a huge hit. “

The pantry will initially open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. two days a week before expanding to 18 hours a week.

The project was financially supported by the Scottish Government’s Investing in Communities Fund; Glasgow City Center Action Plan Fund; The Glasgow City Council Community Fund and the National
Lottery community-run fund.

The Castlemilk Pantry is part of the Scottish Pantry Network, the
consisting of pantries from all over Glasgow and Inverclyde where
Communities have come together to address the problems of hunger
and food waste with a sustainable solution.

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