New Gen Z wholesome consuming platform launched to deal with adolescent weight problems

A new food discovery platform for Gen Z has been launched in collaboration with more than 50 restaurant chains and snack brands.

London-based SMASH today launched an app working with grocery brands to offer discounts to those under 25 as part of an initiative to drive demand for healthier foods and fight childhood obesity, as well as offering discounts.

The platform that offers discounts for healthy products from YO! Sushi, The Coconut Collaborative and Graze, is backed by investors like Impact on Urban Health and launched by a former director at KFC and Ask Italian.

Chris Holmes, Founder of SMASH commented, “Young people want healthier, more balanced foods, but they cannot choose these options if they are not within their reach.

“We need to make it easier for young people to find better foods that are just as affordable and desirable as chocolate and chips – and that’s where SMASH helps.

“The fact that over 50 brands have come together in such a short space of time to support our mission makes me optimistic that by working together to shed light on better eating options, we can help all of our young adults live healthier lives respectively.

“It’s about inspiring young people to make small, healthy changes. With young people eating or snacking out five times a week, we have over 2.2. Billions of healthier eating options inspire every day.

“We hope to work with our partners to make food more accessible, affordable and engaging, while showing grocery brands that better food can be better business.”

Sarah Hickey, Child Obesity Program Director for Impact on Urban Health, said, “The focus is on promoting products that are high in fat, salt and sugar.

“This has a negative impact on young people’s diets and long-term health. We are excited to support a mission-led company that can help disrupt this status quo.

“SMASH helps young people find their way around the surrounding food options, promoting and making the healthier products more affordable in the places where they eat and socialize. We believe this can contribute to more equitable access to nutritious diets. “

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