Match Kitchen in downtown Binghamton presents wholesome meals and protein shakes shortly | WIVT

BINGHAMTON, NY – A new takeout restaurant in downtown Binghamton features home-style cooking that is good for you.

Fit Kitchen is located on the corner of 20 Hawley Street and opened on April 19th.

Partners Alec Fleicher and Trey Furgeson grew up in our region and say they meet the need for healthy food preparation and quick protein shakes.

The prepackaged meals can be microwaved in just a minute or two.

According to Fleicher, traditional grilled chicken and salmon preparation has been expanded to include popular appetizers such as buffalo chicken pasta, pulled chicken barbecue, and Mississippi pot roast.

“It’s not just plain and boring chicken, rice, and vegetables. It really is like these meals are great. It is not that you are doing a job to eat healthily. You can also enjoy the food and get the nutrients you need, ”says Fleicher.

Fit Kitchen also offers a variety of protein shakes made with unsweetened almond milk.

The restaurant also addresses the health conscious dinner menu and lists all the macronutrients: calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat for each meal.

And it sells supplements.

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