Masquespacio’s wholesome restaurant is impressed by nature

A jump into the green and a reference to the nature of the place. Masquespacio completes a restaurant in Huesca, a town in the Spanish municipality of Aragon that is inspired by its mountains and parks. The interior of the Pukkel restaurant, which is dedicated to healthy eating, offers both a sensory and a gastronomic experience: the selection of natural materials, earthy colors and organic shapes corresponds to the brand’s concept of healthy living.

In relation to the Aragonese landscape, curved lines guide the entire project, defining counters and passages, private niches and furniture, and even affecting the patterns that cover part of the walls, adding a sense of dynamism and welcome.

Various white, green and brown tones – together with a few gold tones – meet the terracotta surfaces for floors and counters as well as rough stucco applications. The space is completed by green compositions that change depending on the season.

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