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For many people, healthy vegetarian food evokes images of boring staple foods – veggie chunks and veggie hack or some sausage-like stuff in a can. But there is actually a world full of exciting vegetarian dishes that can be compared to meat dishes in terms of taste. In addition, the health value is incomparable.

More than a century after her death, Seventh-day Adventist pioneer and healthy lifestyle guru Ellen G. White continues to receive recognition for her book Counsels on Diet and Foods, which examines the symbiotic relationship between health and food. Cooking, as she noted in Manuscript 95 of 1901, “is a science that stands above all other sciences. This talent should be equated to the value of 10 talents, because its correct use has a lot to do with keeping the human organism healthy. Because so inextricably linked to life and health, it is the most valuable of all gifts. “

Dr. Joan Lamle, naturopath and owner of the Maranatha Health Food Store, values ​​White and her writings very much. In response to growing demand, she started her health food chain in Portmore, Linstead and Mandeville and a restaurant on Holborn Road in New Kingston.


Anchored in a holistic sense, Maranatha – which translates as “Jesus is coming” – markets itself as a provider of holistic nutrition, health products, health advice, which is geared towards reversing diseases with natural remedies, and other services. And they also offer “high-quality, sumptuous vegetarian dishes made from wholesome foods without additives or preservatives” as well as cooking courses.

“The uniqueness of our offer is that we maintain your health through what nature has to offer. We move away from everything artificial like sugar and artificial meat. At Maranatha we love organic and we also do gluten-free, ”Lamle told Food.

But artificial meat?

One animated lamle, Jamaican despite her strange name – she borrowed it from the motherland – made it clear that she wasn’t just talking about things like artificial, non-pork bacon and ham. She also meant vegetarian food such as the much-touted vegetable chop and chunks.

“We eat strictly vegan and use a lot of beans. Our focus is on foods that bring healing. All chemicals in artificial food put our bodies under stress. Many of the common diseases come from the confusion of our digestive system, ”said Lamle.

Your menu on any given day offers a wide variety. Last Tuesday, customers had the choice between Vegan Pepperpot Lentil Soul, Cranberry Bean Stew Medley, Curry Coconut Tofu Chop Suey, Curry Coconut Four Bean Stew, Lentil Meat Balls, served with vegan organic corn pie, steamed bammy or vegan macaroni and cheese.

Your name “Jesus is coming” has a double meaning. It is not just a reminder of an upcoming event for the Christian world. It also subtly says that Jesus might be a customer who comes into the store.

“If Jesus were here on earth, he would want something to eat, wouldn’t he? And we’d like to think he’d eat right here. But since he is not, we all treat our customers as if we were serving Jesus himself. A customer recently told me that heaven on earth is closest here, ”she shared with great joy.

Lamle is confident that her business is blessed and has been a blessing for many. “It has served a lot of people. We have a lot of Rastafarian customers, vegans, church people, even from overseas. One lady came here and said that she was told that every time she came to Jamaica she had to get food from Maranatha. We have customers who come on a Friday and pick up three meals that are served to them all weekend long, ”she said.

Maranatha’s slogan is “Preserve your health through the abundance of nature” and that in itself is a very pointed statement.

“Proper nutrition is not about having money, because there are many wealthy people who are malnourished because they do not get any nutritional value from food,” Lamle said, warning.

She added, “Food preparation is a science. Ellen G. White said in Counsels on Diet that the graves of many should be written: ‘Died of bad cooking’. “

In addition to the daily lunch menu, Maranatha also offers whole grain wraps, potato wedges, a special Maranatha burger, dairy-free smoothies and shakes, and pastries. “We use raisins, ripe bananas and molasses as sweeteners in our coconut rolls, raisin bread and cashew clusters. They sell very well because our customers know that once it’s here, it has to be good, ”said a satisfied Lamle about Food.

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