Mainers encourages taking part in Wholesome Residing for ME’s well being wants evaluation

Healthy Living for ME has opened the Community Health Needs Assessment Response Period in 2021 and is encouraging Mainers to participate. The survey results will enable HL4ME, Maine’s Community Integrated Health Network, to obtain the information it needs to best serve and support all adult Maineen. The survey is conducted in collaboration with the University of New England’s Master of Public Health program and the Community Health Needs Assessment partners.

To fill out the survey, Mainers can click this link to go directly to the survey at A link to the survey can also be found on the Healthy Living for Maine Facebook page,, or on the Spectrum Generations website at

If someone would like to respond to the survey but would rather do so by phone, they can call HL4ME at 1-800-620-6036.

The survey usually takes less than 10 minutes. It will be available online through July 14th.

“As Healthy Living for Maine expands the program and services, it is important that we of the Mainers contribute where they see a need in the community. We ask for your contribution so that we can most effectively plan and implement our programs to meet these health and wellness needs across the state. After completing the survey, please share the link with family and friends. Together we can create a healthier Maine, ”said Maija Dyke, Contract and General Manager of Healthy Living for ME.

The data gathered as part of the Community Health Needs Assessment will provide HL4ME with valuable insight into the type of support Maine adults need, their preferences for that support, and their access to it. In order to compile comprehensive and complete data, it is important that responses are obtained from across the state. All adult Mainers are cordially invited to take part in the survey.

Healthy Living for ME is the Community Integrated Health Network, which supports all five Maine District Agencies for Aging and other community providers in delivering a variety of programs.

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