Lidl needs to extend gross sales of wholesome meals – Retail Instances

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Lidl GB today announced an ambitious new commitment to healthy food, with which the discounter will increase sales of healthy and healthier products to at least 85% of total sales based on tonnage volume by 2025.

Lidl’s specialized nutrition teams have developed a bespoke Nutritional Profiling System (NPS) based on Public Health England’s nutritional criteria for the traffic light labeling on the front of the pack, focusing on fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt *, making all products healthy, healthier or the least healthy.

As part of the commitment, teams will evaluate over 200 lines each year that can be improved to meet the healthy or healthier criteria. Lidl will also work with suppliers to ensure that the portfolio of healthier products is expanded.

This is due to the fact that the discounter has invested in its “Get Fresh” initiative, which aims to expand the range of fresh, healthy products such as fresh meat, fruits and vegetables available to customers in stores, to offer even more healthy choices. Stores continue to be upgraded with larger, energy efficient coolers that can store more than 100 new and exciting products on the shelves. Lidl places great emphasis on putting fresh, healthy products at the center of customers’ shopping journeys, with new products prominently placed at the front of the store. The program will be completed by September this year.

Christian Härtnagel, CEO of Lidl GB, said: “We at Lidl are proving that healthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank. Our competitive low prices across all of our ranges, especially fruit and vegetables, lead the market and ensure customers get healthy food year round.

“Our Healthy Eating Promise is our most ambitious healthy eating goal yet, and is focused on helping families make healthier choices when shopping with us without compromising on price.”

Rebecca Tobi, Peas Please project manager at the Food Foundation, said, “Before the National Food Strategy is released later this week, it is fantastic to see Lidl being so committed to growing healthier food sales, especially an ambitious increase in sales of 35% from fruits and vegetables.

This puts Lidl in a leading position when it comes to fruit and vegetable retailers, and it’s exactly the kind of bold action that is required to support the health and wellbeing of the country and create a food environment that actually one healthier diet supports instead of making it challenging. “

The latest commitments add to previous steps taken to promote healthy diets in children and reduce nuisance, including removing cartoon characters from its own brand’s cereal ranges and becoming the UK’s first supermarket to sell sweets and chocolates in 2014 Cash registers located nationwide. Lidl was also a founding signatory of the Food Foundation’s Peas Please Pledge in 2017, and is committed to offering more discounts on vegetables to make vegetables more affordable for more families. This year, Lidl has gone even further and reinforced its existing commitments by setting an additional goal of increasing fresh fruit and vegetable sales by 35% by 2026 and will report actual sales annually.

Lidl is committed to reporting annually on its progress towards healthy sales engagement and will monitor sales to help improve the nutritional values ​​of its entire range of products. Taken together, these steps show greater transparency in Lidl’s reporting on the types of food sold and progress in promoting sales of healthy and healthier products. It also supports Lidl’s broader pledges to regularly report food waste, which it has been doing since 2016.

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