Kitchen Repose in downtown Williamsport affords the simple solution to wholesome meals companies

Williamsport, Pennsylvania – Healthier food – with more convenience – is the foundation of Williamsport’s newest restaurant.

The convenience of food access has been logistically shaken by the coronavirus pandemic, as millions of people suddenly had no idea where their next meal would be coming from.

Carnie Datres found a way to address this problem at the same time while creating a sustainable business model for itself.

Kitchen Repose is located at 145 West 4th St. in Williamsport and is a food preparation / delivery service that has its own storefront across from Plankenhorns Stationary.

According to a statement from the Williamsport / Lycoming County Chamber of Commerce, “Kitchen Repose is a coffee shop and food preparation / delivery service. Food orders can be placed online through our website. We offer door-to-door meal delivery in Williamsport and the surrounding area. “

The press release also states, “The cafe will also be home to fun courses, events and educational workshops.”

Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter talks to a guest at the Kitchen Repose ribbon cutting ceremony in downtown Williamsport.

Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter attended the official ribbon cutting.

“The food is fantastic. We look forward to seeing you in downtown Williamsport, ”said Slaughter before the official opening.

Jason Fink, President / CEO of the Williamsport / Lycoming County Chamber of Commerce, was optimistic about Kitchen Repose and the work Datres is doing.

“I think Carnie will handle this very well. Definitely something that more and more people are considering to take care of dinner. With the storefront, it should help her grow more by exposing people to whatever she can, ”said Fink.

Before the official cut outside, Fink mentioned that everyone could be together faster inside if they got vaccinated against COVID-19.

“If people want the governor to break the mask order, we only need another 7% of the state to get vaccinated. Realistically, we could see that this would be achieved by the end of June, ”continued Fink.

Datres graduated from Penn State with a degree in nutrition and became a registered nutritionist before entering the business world.

“After working in hospitals for a couple of years providing nutritional counseling, I realized I wanted a hands-on, preventative approach to nutrition,” said Carnie Datres, founder of Kitchen Repose.

“As a side gig, I spent a summer cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for a family friend and realized that many others would likely benefit from a local healthy meal delivery service,” Datres continued.

In 2014, Datres built a licensed kitchen in their basement that offered options for dinner delivery.

“As a one-woman show, I have been busy shopping, prepping, cooking, packing, and delivering meals across the region and have three children,” she explained.


Kitchen Repose employees behind their redesigned café counter.

In 2019, it was renamed in the hopes of expanding its services from door-to-door delivery to only classes, workshops, events and personal occasions. Then, in August 2020, Kitchen Repose moved to downtown Williamsport bringing in more kitchen staff and delivery drivers.

Kitchen Repose has served the entire community and has provided service to many nonprofits in the area, including Kiwanis, Junior League of Williamsport, and AIDS Resource.

Since the pandemic, AIDS Resource has had to retrofit many of its services such as food delivery.

“We switched to them in the fall. The food is amazing. It’s nutritious and tasty. I lost 70 pounds in the past year, ”said Kirsten Felix Burkhart, executive director of AIDS Resource.

If the mayor and head of a local nonprofit are fans of Kitchen Repose, it seems that their customers are too.

“One of our customers sent us a message that said,” If I were the guy who kept a diary, I would have written yesterday, Dear Diary, I just ate the best chicken salad ever, “Burkhart said of Kitchen Repose.

Datres is confident about what’s next for their business.

“We keep coming up with new ideas,” said Datres. “We want to expand our door-to-door delivery and expand our reach beyond the Williamsport area.”

“We want cooking courses and events to be up and running again soon. We hope to move our business model a little further to new locations, ”she said.

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