Kashayam: The essence of a wholesome life from Indian Ayurveda

Modern science regards this ancient Ayurvedic medicine as a natural way to build immunity. In the face of the pandemic, most of us have used immunity boosters in one form or another – herbs, extracts, capsules, decoctions. Kashayam is known to treat everything from coughs, colds, constipated throats, joint pain, anxiety, stress, mood swings, and seasonal depression to low blood pressure.

Kashayam is a highly recommended drink today by many nutritionists who see it as an effective way to stay healthy by boosting immunity. Many believe that having two different types of kashayam per day will boost your metabolism and calm the mind. It’s an amazing way to ensure adequate hydration, too. After all, in addition to water, you have water with additional herbal benefits.

For many other Indians, immunity boosters are a part of their daily life – many of us wake up with lemon honey or ginger water, methi or jeera seeds soaked in water, ashwagandha, giloy etc. Cure for COVID-19, Kashayam or Kadha can be used to boost immunity and general wellbeing. It is scientifically proven that herbs, roots and other foods like ginger, holy basil, black pepper, cloves, lemon and honey boost immunity and prevent fever, cold, cough, strep throat etc. Even most people with comorbidities can drink kashayam or kadha without any side effects.

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