Jackson YMCA constructing a downtown wholesome dwelling campus

Jackson’s YMCA was busy planning the expansion and creation of the new downtown healthy living campus. Monday they announced they had secured four properties in downtown Jackson. These properties are all adjacent to their current furnishings. They plan to expand their operations on 3.5 hectares of land they have acquired. They have created a lot of space to add to their footprint.

The new building would be built on the northeast corner of the current parking lot. Once the new facility is built, the current building would be demolished and the land converted into a parking lot. The Jackson YMCA raised nearly $ 22 million for this project.

WILX reports

Shawna Tello, Jackson YMCA CEO, commended the Jackson families and organizations involved in the transactions for supporting Y’s mission and realizing the potential in their capital project. “When we met with our neighbors, they supported our plans to expand our impact and work together,” Tello said. “After we shared our vision with them, every property owner embraced the idea and made the transactions as smooth as possible.”

The “Y” will continue communication with its donation partners as additional funds are required to fill in gaps in their construction budget. This project, when completed, will bring a new state-of-the-art YMCA to downtown Jackson. People need affordable, safe, and clean facilities to exercise. The YMCA also offers many different programs for all members of your family.

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