Internist James Hildebrandt strikes to the SBL Medical Clinic within the Middle for Wholesome Dwelling | Neighborhood

Internal medicine physician James Hildebrandt, DO, began his 25-year career with Sarah Bush Lincoln in 1996 as an emergency physician. Over the years he has also served as President of Medical Staff, Medical Director of the Hospitalist Program (which he launched in 2011), and for the past eight years as Vice President of Medical Affairs. He was an enthusiastic and dedicated leader and is now returning to his first love: direct patient care.

“The role as VP has been very worthwhile, especially when implementing new changes in the hospital. But I really missed the element of patient interaction and solving people’s problems with medicine, ”said Hildebrandt.

Hildebrandt completed his medical studies in 1989 with a strong interest in both internal medicine and emergency medicine. His residency program enabled him to pursue both.

This year he got his allergist certification. Allergy immunotherapy, testing, and treatment for asthma and other allergic diseases are available at the SBL Medical Clinic at the Center for Healthy Living.

“I have always known that I am happiest when I serve others. I see a doctor as an advisor to patients. You are responsible and I help build a partnership where I propose things that patients may not have thought of. It is my job to find out what their goals are and to help them achieve these priorities, ”explained Hildebrandt.

He accepts new patients from the age of 12. Individuals under the age of 12 can be seen if they need allergy treatment.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hildebrandt helped develop SBL’s medical guidelines for hospital and patient safety by keeping all scientific information updated as it became available.

“The COVID-19 pandemic was unconsciously one of the reasons I switched back to medicine. I wanted to be there and help treat patients. It sparked my desire to return to the clinical arena. I’ll jump in with both feet, ”said Hildebrandt.

In his free time, Hildebrandt spends time with the family and his four dogs. He runs, golf and plays competitive online chess.

“I’m looking forward to personal tournaments when they open again,” said Hildebrandt.

Advanced Practice Providers Tom Dust, PA-C, and Andrew McDevitt, APRN, continue to care for the people at the new SBL Medical Clinic.

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