Ideas for Wholesome Dwelling Throughout Alzheimer’s & Mind Consciousness Month

JACKSON, miss. (WLBT) – June is the month of Alzheimer’s and the brain. The Alzheimer’s Association wants to focus on educating everyone about the disease and reducing your risk factors.

“There are over 57,000 people with Alzheimer’s disease and 131,000 caregivers in Mississippi alone,” says Adina Welker of the Alzheimer’s Association, Mississippi Chapter. “One in four caregivers precedes their relatives in death because the strain and stress are so hard for them.”

Welker says this month, in addition to learning about Alzheimer’s, is also a time to think about and show appreciation for the caregivers.

Welker says early intervention is key to preventing Alzheimer’s disease. “We’re talking about 20s, 30s is the time to take action because what you do now can affect what your future will be,” she says.

Many of the risk factors are genetic, but not all. Maintaining a healthy heart and brain will better help prevent the disease.

“Keep your blood pressure under control. Keep your diabetes under control. Keep your weight down. Exercise, ”says Welker. “You want to eat right. We have found that the Mediterranean-inspired diet helps reduce risk factors. “

Head injuries also contribute to the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

“You really want to intervene. You want to put on your seat belts when driving in a car, riding a four-wheeler when engaging in such activities. Wear your helmet. Buckle up your children properly, ”she says.

Welker also suggests challenging your mind with puzzles, games, and creative activities to keep your brain in shape.

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