IaIlagi Wari, a wholesome life-style advocate


Some Wisdoms On Longevity From An Aging Gardener.

IaIlagi Wari didn’t worry in life.

He attributes it to the observance of some strict rules of lifestyle.

The Gaivakala villager, on the Central Provincial Aroma Coast, is approaching his 84th birthday.

With a beaming smile, Wari is married to Pala Rigo Tua from the neighboring Maopa village.

Pala is a year younger than Wari and the couple make a good, strong family.

He strictly adhered to his diet in order to stay fit and strong, which IaIlagi Wari loves in old age and encourages his children and grandchildren to live by his example.

He calls on the young generation to lead a healthy life and to live independently and to sustain their life in the community.

As we can see, outside influence creeps into our societies so quickly that if we do not pay attention to it in this day and age, we could lose some of our precious traditions and cultures.

Wari lives from what he says and is a disciplined old man who is committed to a healthy lifestyle in old age.

Married to his beautiful wife Pala Rigo Tua, 82 from Maopa in Aroma, they both lived happy lives all these years and were ready and open to anyone who visits their home and this was their lifestyle, happy and loving people.

The menu that should be on the table today would be rice, canned fish or canned meat even a stored red meat, because a Seventh-day Adventist IaIlagi Wari would prefer his long-time local favorite dish, boiled mangrove seeds with fresh garden vegetables, such as bananas, sweet potatoes with fresh fish for a nice meal at any time of the day.

These are the foods that made old Wari move about freely, even going to the garden, while he spent his early days with his wife in their lovely home, Ivoa Golo, better known as Ginger Mountain.

He woke up very early in the morning and started the day cleaning his house with the rake, as this has become a daily routine for old Wari.

In his early days in the 1940s and 1950s, it was during these years that Wari began a job as a laundromat or house boy for Judges Judas and Churchman.

Part of his job would be to iron the clothes for his bosses while he lived in Port Moresby.

He later resigned in 1960 and moved to his village of Aroma to settle in Gaivakala with his family.

Soon after getting home, the old man, who was energetic at the time, built a house and cleared a place for the family garden.

His desire to support the family in a good and healthy lifestyle after living a job for 10 years worked on three gardens in which all vegetables including betel nut trees are in the eastern part of the Aroma Coast and about 30 kilometers inland from the coast were planted away.

The disciplined Wari planned his time to take his children to the gardens and was scheduled to work in the garden on Mondays and Thursdays.

It takes a car ride or a stroll through the bush lanes.

Aside from his busy gardening work, Wari was a soccer player who played rugby with other central villages such as Porebada and Rigo for friendly matches. In 1961 he was a pioneer representative for his village team from GK Koupa.

To date, Wari has never shrunk from talking about healthy living as his actions are also advocates.

Despite a recent illness keeping him down, he shows little strength to keep it up and stays away from his early morning jobs, but he keeps himself up by eating well, taking a bath and with the help of his children, Grandchildren and great-grandchildren taking a nap.

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