Hunt’s Publish readers say wholesome meals must be “cheaper”

Healthy eating should be made cheaper – NOT mandated by the already struggling NHS, say readers of the Hunts Post.

In our latest Facebook opinion post, we asked readers what they think of experts recommending that family doctors prescribe fruits and vegetables to encourage healthier diets.

And there has been an overwhelming response from comments that this should be the last thing medical professionals do.

Debi Hogston said, “It’s cheaper to buy a banana than a Mars bar. People just have to take responsibility for eating healthy. Education is the key. ”

Adam Macdonald said, “You laugh … I can’t get a doctor’s appointment if I’m sick, how the hell is someone supposed to get an appointment for fruit!”

It comes after England’s National Food Strategy announced last week that family doctors are trying to prescribe a variety of fruits and vegetables to combat unhealthy lifestyles.

The independent review also suggested taxing sugar and salt.

The report, chaired by businessman Henry Dimbleby, said that an increase in taxes could expand free school meals and support better nutrition for the poorest.

Boris Johnson said he would review the report and respond with suggestions for future legislation within six months.

Karen Miller said, “No, fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be prescribed, but maybe some nutritional education.

“I think this should be more common in schools to teach children how to make simple but healthy meals.

“Unfortunately, when junk food is so much cheaper, it doesn’t always seem to save people time or money.”

Carol Burge said, “People have all set their priorities wrong. They need to have equipment they can play on so they don’t have time to cook cheap meals with vegetables. ”

Becky JW said, “Just make healthy food cheap so everyone can make better choices without the huge price tag … it really is that simple!

“Then make junk food more expensive ….. If you want to prepare a salad, the purchase adds up quickly, or buy a pizza and fries at half the price ??? This is not rocket science!”

Laura de Stefano, however, was in favor and said: “Yes, if she does” [fruit and vegetables] more accessible for people who cannot afford it! ”

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