Hubballi’s oldest restaurant serving wholesome meals to Covid sufferers Hubballi Information

HUBBALLI: It’s more than a random restaurant in Hubballi. The Hotel Sri Krishna Bhavan is an institution that for many is one of the city’s quiddities. During these difficult times, the restaurant, the oldest in Hubballi, has taken on the role of a sensitive citizen and helps to alleviate the suffering of other residents.
When the lockdown went into effect, the restaurant staff decided not to return home and for the past few weeks have been preparing food according to the dietary restrictions imposed by the doctors and distributing it to patients who are in Covid Care Centers and Covid Care Centers treat those who have been quarantined at home.
The meals that are offered to patients at an affordable price include fruits, legumes, and vegetables. The management of the restaurant prepares and distributes brekafast, lunch and dinner.
Krishnamurthy Uchilla, owner of Sri Krishna Bhavan said, “Since we have our kitchen and staff, we wanted to provide food to Covid-19 patients in the CCCs and those who are isolated at home. Since then, we have been providing three meals a day to around 150 patients a day. Those who run the CCCs give us information about what could improve the meal. We take great care to ensure that the highest hygiene standards are maintained. ”
He pointed out that there weren’t many restaurants preparing food suitable for Covid-19 patients. “We deliver food to patients who are quarantined at home on their doorstep,” Krishnamurthy said.
The department head of the Sanjeevani Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital on Gokul Road, Dr. Mahesh Desai said Covid-19 patients would need to consume foods rich in protein. “That means they have to eat a lot of legumes and vegetables. We decided to order at a vegetarian restaurant – Hotel Sri Krishna Bhavan – on Lamington Road. Nutritious food that is tasty is critical to patient recovery, ”added Dr. Desai added.
A patient quarantined at his home in Keshwapur said all three members of his family tested positive and were prescribed a strict diet. “We ordered food from Sri Krishna Bhavan. Meals include ragi malt, dal, and other products made with legumes and vegetables. They also supply us with garlic rasam, ”he said.

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